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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Neverisms by Dr. Mardy Grothe: Book Review

Neverisms: A Quotation lover's guide to things you should never do, never say, or never forget
by Dr Mardy Grothe
ISBN: 978-0-06-197065-8
Release Date: May 10, 2011
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Description: Never let 'em see you sweat. Never bring a knife to a gun fight. Never underestimate the power of a woman. Never trust someone who tells you to never trust someone. Quotation anthologist Dr. Mardy Grothe has coined the term neverisms for emphatic warnings about things people should never do. Neverisms go by many other terms: admonitions, cautionary warnings, rules of living, negative persuasion (or dissuasion) and dehortation (the opposite of exhortation). All are related to a classical figure of speech called dehortatio, dissuasive advice given with authority. Neverisms are among history's most fascinating quotations, and Grothe has assembled nearly 2,000 of them, organizing them into eighteen chapters on such topics as sex, marriage, sports, politics, business, stage & screen, and the literary life. In this new collection, the bestselling author also tells the back stories behind some of history's best-known pieces of advice. "Neverisms" is sure to make a delightful gift for quotation lovers and language aficionados

The Good Stuff
  • Some of the dryer information was made enjoyable by the author's self deprecating wit
  • Extensive collection of some fabulous quotes and the background behind many of them
  • Actually uses some recent and hip quotes, which I was surprised by
  • Love the smaller size of the book, great for keeping as a reference item
  • Found a whole bunch of new quotes to put out on Twitter
  • Perfect for keeping out as a Coffee table book or Bathroom book -- come on I know you people read in the loo too
  • This author has done some serious research into neverism quotes - truly impressive
  • I read this over a couple of weeks and I recommend you do the same, it is more enjoyable this way
  • Great for conversation starters
The Not so Good Stuff
  • Didn't include my favorite quotes. Never Give Up, Never Surrender (Galaxy Quest)
  • Would  have loved to have an index of some kind, so if you wanted you could go back and find a particular quote more easily
  • Didn't like how the book was organized -- but hello what do you expect I AM an anal librarian after all - I need me an index
Favorite Quotes/Passages (Quotes from a Quote book - how unusual)

"But unless you have the vocabulary of a five-time Jeopardy! champ or you're a professor of rhetoric, the word is almost certainly not in your current vocabulary."

"I was a young idealist with a reputation for spending countless hours attempting to reason with people who held what I regarded as unfounded or irrational beliefs. Smith's admonition was like a reminder from Dr. Phil, gently tapping me on the shoulder and asking, "So how's that working for you?"


"Never ask a single person if they're "seeing anyone special," and unemployed person if they found a job, or a married couple when they're planning to have children."
(I would also like to add - never, ever ask a women if she is pregnant or if there is a big gap between someones children, was it an accident -- tacky people - very tacky)

What I Learned
  • Some interesting background information of famous quotes
  • Definition of a Neverism and some other useless information like this that I will probably always remember - yet forget to pick up milk on the way home
Who should/shouldn't read

  • anyone who likes quotes
  • Speech writers, Teachers, Librarians, etc
  • A good resources for public libraries
4 Dewey's

I Received this from HarperCollins in exchange for an honest review

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