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Friday, May 6, 2011

3 Chefs by Michael Bonacini, Massimo Capra & Jason Parsons: Review by Chef Jeff

For those who are new, my husband reviews all the cookbooks I receive, since well he was actually a chef for many years out in B.C. and Alberta and I am - um how should I say this - not the best cook in the world.  But I will have you know that my hubby once told the kids that they should hope that  Mom dies before Dad, otherwise they will starve -- I told them that was crap, Mommy knows how to dial for takeout.

3 Chefs: The Kitchen Men
by Michael Bonacini, Massimo Capra & Jason Parsons
Whitecap Books
ISBN: 978-1897330-72-2
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Description: They come from three distinct corners of the world. Michael Bonacini grew up as part of an Italian family in Wales, Massimo Capra first tied on an apron in his mother's kitchen in Cremona, and Jason Parsons got his first job in a roadhouse in Southwestern Ontario. All three have since established their reputations as imaginative and masterly cooks. And when they get together, whether in the kitchen, on TV, or at table, there is energy and excitement. Finally, these three top chefs have collaborated to produce a cookbook that accurately reflects the sense of fun and adventure that makes them such a great team. In Three Chefs: The Kitchen Men, Michael, Massimo, and Jason combine their best recipes to create a cornucopia of tasty meals. Bursting with international inspiration, complemented with stories of growing up and learning to cook? this personal collection of recipes will delight and entertain.

The Good Stuff
  • There is a wide variety of choices with three very different chefs
  • Tracy Moore's forward makes you feel like you are in for a wild ride and you can tell she really does enjoy the boys and their food
  • Enjoyed the little introduction into each recipe. It's a very nice added touch and makes it actually enjoyable to read each recipe. You even read the recipes that you probably won't make
  • I personally found Michael and Jason's recipes to be more to my liking -- but that is just a personal preference. 
  • Favorite section was Chapter 7 (Meat Market).  There is a Beef Wellington recipe that reminds me of when I worked at the Banff Springs Hotel 
  • The Best Recipe hands down is the Michael's Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill Mushroom Soup.  I've tried Mushroom Soup (My fav) from Vancouver to Cavendish and this is the most flavorful (Jen's note: I concur and I got to have it at Zuma and it is the best I have ever tasted) We actually made it and Jen said it tasted almost as good as when she had it at Luma
  • Ingredients are very accessible at your local grocer and can be found at most times of the year which makes the book much more useful in my eyes
  • Good book for parties and even for everyday cooking for the person willing to add a little zing to their meal (Jen's note: read as only when Jeff cooks and not when I cook)
  • There is a Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butter Rum Sauce that I have yet to make, but I will very soon (Jen's Note: Yes, yes you should -- hmm isn't Mother's Day this weekend?)
  • Jen also liked all the pretty pictures of food and as a typical anal Librarian - she said the index rocked
The Not so Good Stuff
  • Didn't like Massimo's recipes as much, but that has more to do with the ingredients being ones that I just don't like
Favorite Recipes

Smoked Salmon, Goat Cheese, and Asparagus Quiche (Jen's Fav)
Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill Mushroom Soup (Jeff's Fav)
Sticky Toffee Pudding with Butter-rum Sauce (Which Jeff better be making me for Mother's Day)
Prosciutto and Mushroom Beef Wellington

We bought a lot of mushrooms that weekend
Looks pretty close

Doesn't look as pretty - but it tastes damn good
 4.5 Dewey's

Jen received a copy of this (Signed to me) when she attended the Indigo Tweet Up at Luma hosted by some guy she calls Captain Awesome from Indigo

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  1. Jen what a great review. I am hungry just looking at the pictures. As long as there is a phone and restaurants the kids won't starve right?