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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Upcoming CSN Giveaway for my Belated Blogoversary!

Great timing CSN!

Just realized today that my Blogoversary has came and went, and I never noticed. Sorry guys, I am a busy little Mommy.  So what's a Blogoversary without prizes -- a pretty boring one I tell you.  I will be posting the details later, but here is a bit about one of the prizes.

One of you will win your choice of one product worth $45 from the huge selection at I don't thing huge covers it -- I would say MASSIVE selection.  You will be able to find everything from an LCD TV stand to bedding and kitchen gadgets, to toys for your little heathens and yes the holy grail of items for a book blogger -- bookshelves!

Here are a few of the items, that I have personally received and LOVED from them

This is the best backpack I have ever had, almost a year old and still looks brand new!
Made my hubby extremely happy when I got this for him

For my nephew for xmas  
Ok I didn;t buy this, but damn look how adorable my baby is!

This part of the giveaway will be Canada/U.S Only!

Thanks guys for stopping by and I will post all the details of the rest of the prizes by tomorrow (or today if you are really lucky)

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