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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Indigo Tweet Up

Just over a year ago, the college library that I work for offered all its workers some courses on some of the various social media sources that our students are into.  One of them, Twitter,  I balked at first because, well it seemed sort of pointless, but figured what the hell I need to know about it so that I can help our students if they have any questions about it.

Well as most of you know, I became hooked on it right away. It was great for updating my pals, family and co-workers about where I was or what I was doing or just giving them a heads up about what was going on on my blog.  I also loved it because it was a great outlet for my inner monologue when dealing with irritating students at our reference desk. Instead of getting in trouble by letting that monologue out on the students, I could just type what I REALLY wanted to say to them on twitter -- and bingo my stress would be gone without getting fired. It's also been great because it is a way of finding out about contests and events and passing on info about contests or events.   BTW, it is also an amazing way of meeting fellow moms who know and understand your crazy life. 

And thanks to twitter I was invited to a very special Tweet Up with Cammy (Jeremy Cammy, National Director of Events & Field Marketing for Indigo) and some of the other indigogreenroom twitter followers.

I was really looking forward to the event mostly because -- um -- I could escape the hubby and kids for a while and chat with fellow book/social media nerds.  My hubby and I also decided since I was probably going to be really late, that I should stay the night at a hotel instead of trying to get back to the boonies that late at night.   Yup that is right folks --  no snoring hubby and no 2am wake-up call from my toddler - pure heaven I tell ya.  I also wanted to chat with Cammy because his tweets always make me laugh, and I wanted to thank him for getting me into the closed line for the Jamie Oliver event.

I figured the event would be something like they would buy us a Starbucks and we would hang around one of the Chapters/Indigo's and chat about Indigo and social media -- and was hoping we were going to get one of those Indigogreenroom shirts.

So I was totally blown away when I found out that they were taking us to Luma at the TIFF Bell Lightbox.  We met up at the Chapters at the John/Richmond and walked over to Luma where we were led up to a stunning private dining room.

Guess you aren't a Vampire Cammy - Cammy is on the right

Chef Jason presenting one of the courses

Then over the course of the evening we got to nosh from an incredible tasting menu prepared AND presented to us from Executive Chef, Jason Bangerter!  The dishes were out of this world, especially the Willy Wonka dessert which included chocolate pop rocks -- yup you heard me correctly CHOCOLATE POP ROCKS. It was one of the best desserts I have ever tasted. It is on the restaurants  Creature Comforts menu (tribute to the Tim Burton exhibit at the Lightbox)

The most divine mushroom soup I have ever had - photo courtesy of Melissa Mateus

The famous and to die for Willy Wonka Dessert

Tasting menu

And if that wasn't extremely generous we than received a visit from "3 Chefs";  Michael Bonacini, Massimo Capra, and Jason Parsons.  Melissa (also from Indigo) and Cammy than presented us with our own copies of the "3 Chefs" cookbook that we could have signed personally, as well as have our pictures taken with them.

The 3 Chef's with Sara - thanks Sara my pic was too awful for words
Chefs with Zoe (photo courtesy of Melissa)
Casey with the chefs (photo courtesy of Melissa)
Chefs with Leora (Photo courtesy of Melissa)
Chefs with Jaclyn (picture courtesy of Melissa)
I had a wonderful time over dinner getting to know some of the other girls and discussing with Cammy and Melissa about social media and what is working and not working.  Cammy was charming, self deprecating and intelligent, just like I expected him to be.  Honestly, Cammy's indigogreenroom is a perfect example of social media that is working. To quote Sara, one of the attendees at the tweet up, "the indigogreenroom account is everything that I look for when it comes to a brand account. Cammy is funny, has a highly engaging voice and does an excellent job of balancing that personal voice with business side of things"

The gang - ick I look much better in my mind
From Sara's post
Courtesy of Melissa

Just as we were about to go home -- they surprised us again by giving each of us a gift card for Indigo.  Hubby wasn't impressed with this -- he said it was like giving crack to an addict!

After it was all over I headed back to my comfy hotel bed, grabbed a book and my little bottle of baileys and just sat back and relaxed without interruption. It was a perfect evening.  Thanks Cammy and Melissa -- I will never forget the evening -- and hey if you ever want to set one up again -- I'm there for you

And girls it was great meeting all of you  -- especially crazy EvilAndie and I think we should all get together again!

For a much more articulate and well written version of this eventing check out Sara's blog at They Call It Gumption or Elizabeth's blog at I'm Not in Newfoundland Anymore

Tweet Up Attendees



  1. Wow, this sounds absolutely incredible! I'm so glad you got to have such a great time.

  2. I lost these photos ages ago, thank goodness for your blog! <3