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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Humber SSAW 2011

Each year where I work we have a week long event called the Support Staff Appreciation Week.  It is week set aside for me and my fellow support staff to take part in professional development and fun sessions.  There is a different theme each year, and 2011 was Super Heroes of Humber. I missed a lot of the sessions because I ended up being sick with the flu.  I also attended to excellent sessions not pictured here. Making your own Pastry, where we made our own Apple Pie and Apple Crumble. And an excellent session on Facebook and Privacy.  Really great session for those who have kids.  Here are a few pictures from our event.

This year we got a chance to tour the new Centre for Justice Leadership

This new Centre for Justice Leadership offers the latest technology-based learning environment for crime scene investigation, justice leadership and conflict resolution including a crime scene simulation and forensic labs. There is a Crime scene simulation lab for forensic processing in staged crime scenes including crime scene photography, collecting and properly protecting evidence, as well as scene sketching and measurement. They also have four interviewing labs where students engage in interviews, interrogation and counseling.

This was my favorite session of any year. It was truly fascinating and we learned so much about the difference between TV/Movie portrayals of forensics and crime and the actual reality of crime solving. AWESOME!

Simulated Crime Scene

Checkout the bloody shoe print

simulated blot splatter
ear prints - seriously!
Here are a few pics of our luncheon just to show you how fun the people of Humber can be. I was going to dress up in my Super Librarian costume, but I just still felt the leftover of the flu I had all week

This is a photo of my pal from HR Maureen (Mo)

My pal Amanda

superhero cape made out of registration tickets
 And my favorite thing of all this year -- check out the cool pen we got after the crime lab tour

Isn't it sick and awesome!

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