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Monday, February 7, 2011

Winners of the Try Something New Contest

Sorry this is so late guys! First we had a snowday on Wednesday so I was busy with my kiddies all day and too exhausted to do any computer work after hubby got home. Than I was at the OLA conference on Thursday and Friday and than we got hit with snow again on the weekend so we just played all day outside. To top it off it was also our 17yr Wedding Anniversary -- I know excuses, excuses.

Well since you waited so long here are the winners.  Also since hubby won't buy me a new bookcase I have also decided to send 3 of you my gently used copies of the titles

All winners were chosen through

1st  -
vicky weiss who will get a copy of Don't Be Afraid


stacybuckeye who will get Everything Is Going to be Great


buddyt who will get Motorcycles and Sweetgrass

The bonus books (gently used) are going to

Mary Ellen Thompson - Book of Tomorrow
Vampires and Tofu- The Atheists Guide to Christmas
hense1kk - Incendiary

I will be emailing you all and you have 72 hours to reply or I have to pick another winner


  1. Thank you sooooo much Jennifer!! I so wanted that book. Your About Me is right, someone has a big heart...the kindness is appreciated =)

  2. Thank you Jennifer!! I'm thrilled that I won. I hope your husband changes his mind about the bookcase. We can never have enough bookcases!

  3. Woo Hoo! Thank you so much! Did you email me and I missed it? I'll check again.