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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

OLA SuperConference 2011

Just thought I would do a quick post on the 2011 OLA SuperConference

This year I missed a couple of my sessions because I was having so much fun in the expo, meeting publishers, getting books signed and just hanging with my co-workers

As usual I got to bring home tons of books and fun SWAG

The Sessions

I won't go into much here, as they probably won't be of much interest to you. The session on Millenials was fascinating and I learned a lot about the millennial generation. This is important to us working in the College and University libraries, as these kids are the bulk of our clientele. The speaker, Randy Oldham from the University of Guelph, was also animated and funny which makes a difference since it was my last session of the day.

The  lecture Atom Egoyan gave was fascinating if you are interested in film (which I was) but I found that most people walked out because it was more of a lecture than a plenary session. I liked him though, he had very dry sense of humour and he is super intelligent, but not in that snobby boring way.  I won't lie, I am not a fan of most of his movies, as they deal with unpleasant situations but I do admire his movies. I got a copy of Chloe (Which is a fantastic movie) signed for my hubby and the screenplay of Exotica signed for me. Exotica is a fascinating movie, not sure I really enjoyed it, but I was fascinated by it.

Books and Swag

Signed Books
Various books
Cute swag -- I love the pin the tail on the scaredy
Even More signed books
Various stuff from Friday - check out Divergent one of the best books I have EVER read

Meeting Fun and Fabulous fellow Book Nerds

Seriously guys he's a Straight, talented and handsome Librarian -- they are truly rare

Not Pictured

Penguin Books: Andrea Colquhoun was so much fun to talk to. She was extremely passionate about her job and really knew her books. I got some great suggestions from her and I cannot wait to start reading Matched. Vimala was also really nice but my buddy Natasha was the one that got to talk to her

HarperCollins: Rosalyn (fellow Bolton girl and also member of the Dewey Diva's, Melissa (who introduced me to Divergent, and love her because of it), Jason, Liza

Simon and Schuster: Michelle and her co-worker who were lovely to talk to and didn't comment on the fact that when I met them I was seriously buzzing on caffeine - sorry guys usually not that hyper. They also gave me a copy of Whither which I started this morning and so far it is awesome!

Tundra:Lovely group of women, including Sylvia and the intern at this booth. All fun to talk to and really passionate about their books and extremely helpful

Scholastic: Nikole and Janet whom I finally got to meet in the flesh and they are just as awesome in person. I also talked to 2 other ladies who were really nice and fun but didn't get their names (Sorry!)  They also had Joel at their booth so I will always be grateful to them : )

Random House: Maylin and Lahring were also super nice


Helanie Becker - I only had a moment of time to chat with her but she is sweet, totally wacky and a huge promoter of literacy - she write books even my hubby will read
Kate Bow - Really nice and friendly
Tom Earle - Funny and says there is hope for Jesse to be a hockey star and a reader - or most likely a future contestant on Wipeout
Lesley Livingston - HILARIOUS!!!! So much fun to talk to and has a great self deprecating sense of humour.
Cyndi Sand-Eveland: Very sweet and funny
Joel Sutherland - Of course he's on my fav's - he's a Librarian too and hubby says I can put him on my freebie five LOL!
Jeremy Tankard - very unusual and fascinating man -- loves his kids - hope your son was ok

And when I got home I got this --- this makes everything else pale in comparison



  1. ohh wow!! Im in Ontario how did I not hear about this amazing event?? I will definitely have to keep a look out for next years conference. Lots of amazing goodies!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Jennifer what a great post. I got to meet with Nikole when she came in for Salon du livre. Its so nice to put a name with the people you work with.

    you got some great books, Enjoy :)

  3. Hey Kristen

    It is an annual event for those in the library profession. You can check them out at