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Saturday, February 5, 2011

In My Mailbox & stash from the OLA Conference

For Review
From Scholastic
From HarperPerennial
From Canadian Living 
From Maybelline on Facebook


From Escape Through the Pages
From YA Book Shelf

OLA Library Conference

Signed Books from Thursday
ARC's from Thursday
Miscellaneous books from Thursday
Fun Swag from Thurday
Signed Books from Friday (& signed DVD of Chloe from Atom Egoyan)
Various other stuff from Friday
Unfortunately I didn't get to bring Joel Sutherland home with me - it's not everyday you find an attractive straight Librarian (cut my nasty looking self out of pic for you all)


  1. OMGoodness! Look at all that goodness! I want Divergent SO FREAKING BAD! Like NOW! I'm SO jealous! So many amazing books! Enjoy!

  2. You got some great books Jennifer. Enjoy them. Its too bad that you didn't get to bring Joel home LOL he is cute LOL. Oh how I wish I was a librarian. Would have loved to have gone to OLA.

  3. Is that a Scaredy Squirrel plush toy I see in one of the pictures? I must have this for my office! Where did you find it? And your ARCS and signed books, so awesome. I'm very jealous.

    Jennifer (An Abundance of Books)