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Sunday, January 9, 2011

CSN and Christmas Shopping Review

Due to all sorts of reasons, last year was a real tough year for us financially and we were really being frugal.  Hubby and I had decided not to get each other Christmas presents in order to save some cash.  Well,  thanks to CSN and their perfect timing we were able to get each other a little something.

I absolutely adore CSN since they have such a wonderful selection of stuff, great prices and extremely fast delivery times.  Of course I hate the international fee, but at least it is listed right up front and quite reasonable compared to other US online retailers.

The 1st we ordered for our Christmas presents were these amazing 300 TC Single Ply Sheet Sets.  They are so comfortable, light weight and soft as silk, that it is a guilty pleasure to slip into them after a hard day with our little heathens -- I love my 2 boys but they can be extremely challenging at times.

This is the 1st time in our married life that we have actually owned a "good" set of sheets and I don't think we will ever go back now to the Wal-Mart ones we have been buying.  They also wash amazing and don't tear or get all nasty feeling after washing as many of the cheap ones do.  We are actually going to order a couple more sets of them and throw out all the other ones.

Crappy picture, my hubby is much better looking than this picture shows : )

The 2nd present we got was the Delonghi Cool-Touch Deep Fryer.  My hubby has been nagging me for years to get a deep fryer, but I put him off until now.  He loves this thing and quite frankly I am not sure if he had a choice over a choice between me and the deep fryer, which one he would choose.  It was hilarious today while we were at the Costco, he kept pointing at things and saying -- We could use the deep fryer to make that.  It was a running joke the rest of the day to choose weird stuff and say that we could use the deep fryer -- and btw the Cat now is hiding in fear of being deep fried!  O.K we are a weird family -- but trust me the kids made us this way.

As for this deep fryer it is easy to use, safe, fast and actually looks nice on the counter -- I have tried to put it in the cupboards, but hubby keeps giving me the evil eye each time I try.  In defense of my hubby I will never buy take out fries again, because the home made ones we make with this are AWESOME!!

Jesse helping with the Opening
Oreo checking it out -- guess he doesn't know about how much Daddy wants to try things

Thanks CSN for helping us have something to open on Christmas Day!

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  1. Once you've had nice sheets it's hard to go back!