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Friday, December 3, 2010

Top Books Reviewed by Me For 2010

Since it's Christmas time and I think books are the best presents.  Here are my top 5 for each category that I have reviewed this year. Hopefully this will help with your gift giving!  Also this list contains great suggestions for you to check out at your local library -- that's right folks, don't forget to support your local library-- and hey I'm just saying -- since its that time of year and if you want to  bring us a little gift, chocolate and bookstore gift cards make us VERY HAPPY -- and personally I'm good with a Timmy's and if you really want to show your love -- Nathan Fillion under my tree would be very much appreciated (Shhh don't tell Jeff)

BTW -- This is just based on the books I had for review -- there are tons of other fantastic books out there!

Rayment's Top Reviewed Books for 2010


Death's Excellent Vacation
Eternal Kiss of Darkness
Motorcycles and Sweetgrass (MY TOP FAVORITE FOR 2010)

When Blood Calls


Everything is Going to Be Great
It Could be Worse You Could Be Me
Late, Late at Night
Shut Up and Eat
Zoo Borns

Young Adult

Ghosts of  Ashbury High

Wondrous Strange
You Are Not Here

Middle School

Be a Writing Superstar
Insecto Files
Quiz Book For Boys
Zac Power
Any Books by Jake Bell for American Middle School Students

Picture Books

A Bear in War
Chester's Masterpiece
My Brother Charlie
Vanishing Habitats
Zen Ghosts

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  1. Well, I haven't read any of these so they are all great recommendations to me!