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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

In My Mailbox (And my Secret Santa)

To Review
From Scholastic - check out the Bone book at the back -- Jake is going to freak

From CSN

Secret Santa

The Neverending Shelf was holding a Secret Santa this year and I thought it would be tons of fun to take part. Look at all the awesome stuff I got from Colleen aka Lavender Lines who lives in one of my favorite places in the world, Prince Edward Island.  Also check out what happened to my Marsh-mellow Santa -- I hope  he appreciates how much I love him to actually give up chocolate.  The best part is that she got me Karma Girl by Jennifer Estep.  My buddy Natasha lent me her copy, but I have been wanting a copy of my own to keep and I haven't been able to find it! Also the poinsettia's are now being used as coasters beside our bed for my weekly (yeah who's kidding who - daily glass of -- made it through day without killing students or children) glass of wine. And I gave the other one to  hubby for his glass of wine. I hope she enjoys what I picked out for her as much as I liked what she chose for me - also the little note pad and pen will be perfect for my Kobo holder!

Nerd Herder Badge (Not the Scaredy Squirrel - he's just taking care of it for me)


  1. So glad you liked everything! Guess I should have sent more than one chocolate eh? LOL

  2. I sure did love everything -- well you could have, but I am pretty sure my 2 year old would have given me the puppy dog look to and would have given it up : ) Damn cute little heathens!