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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Starcrossed by Elizabeth C. Bunce: Book Review

Starcrossed (Thief Errant #1)
by Elizabeth C. Bunce
Arthur A. Levine Books (Scholastic Inc.)
ISBN: 978-0-545-13605-1
Suggested Age: 13+ (For some mild violence)

Description: Digger thrives as a spy and sneak-thief among the feuding religious factions of Gerse, dodging the Greenmen who have banned all magic. But when a routine job goes horribly wrong and her partner and lover Tegen is killed, she has to get out of the city, fast, and hides herself in a merry group of nobles to do so. Accepted as a lady's maid to shy young Merista Nemair, Digger finds new peace and friendship at the Nemair stronghold--as well as plenty of jewels for the taking. But after the devious Lord Daul catches her in the act of thievery, he blackmails her into becoming his personal spy in the castle, and Digger soon realizes that her noble hosts aren't as apolitical as she thought... that indeed, she may be at the heart of a magical rebellion

The Good Stuff
  • Absolutely absorbing adventure story with substance
  • Realistic, strong and engaging heroine
  • Great for bringing up discussions on moral choices and religious acceptance
  • Wonderful character development and brilliant and breathtaking descriptions of the scenery
  • Intriguing world the author has created, sort of like a mashup between Oliver Twist and a fantasy novel with magic
  • Looking forward to the second book in the series "Liar's Moon"

The Not so Good Stuff
  • Very detailed, so a little tough for speed readers like myself who tend to skip things and have to go back because they missed something that ended up being important
  • Would have liked a little more back-story and development of the secondary characters
  • Won't lie I was a little confused at times, but that has more to do with my limitations than the author's talent - This isn't a light read, you need the time to truly enjoy
  • The Glossary should have been at the beginning, it would have really helped with my confusion
Favorite Quotes/Passages

“You’ll like being no one. It’s better than commonly reported.”
“Is it?”
“Oh, yes. Nobody expects anything of you, nobody makes demands on you, and if nobody knows who you are, you can be anyone you want. I highly recommend it."

"Celyn, why do I think you were probably one of those girls who gave the Holy Daughters fits trying to keep up with your mischief?"

"For a moment I got distracted. Books always did that to me, almost more that a locked jewelery chest or a fat purse dangling from a fat nob.  I liked the creamy pages, the smell of ink, all the secrets locked inside."

What I Learned
  • Being a thief isn't all that bad
  • I seemed to actually like some fantasy novels -- who knew

Who should/shouldn't read
  • Will recommend this one to my  next door neighbors daughter, she will love it, I'm giving my copy to my niece who I know will enjoy it
  • Not for those who enjoy fast paced novels, this one is slow moving but it has meat to it
  • This should be a must purchase for public libraries as well as middle school libraries
  • Great fantasy story for teens -- I would say for the stronger YA readers
4 Dewey's

I received this book from Scholastic in exchange for an honest review

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