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Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Odds Get Even by Natale Ghent: Book Review

The Odds Get Even
 by Natale Ghent
HarperTrophy Canada (HarperCollins)
ISBN: 978-1-55468-412-0
Suggested Ages: 9 - 12

Description: Boney, Itchy and Squeak are the Odd Fellows, just a bit different from everybody else, and the best of friends. They hang out in their tree house in Boney’s backyard, where five lookout posts and three escape hatches allow them to keep an eye on (and get away from) their mortal enemy: bully Larry Harry. But after getting pelted with eggs, pummeled in gym class and sabotaged every year at their school’s Invention Convention, the Odds have had enough. They’re going to put an end to Larry’s reign of terror, and they’re going to use their knowledge of science and the local legend of a haunted mill to do so—if, that is, they don’t get tangled up in their own schemes first. Natale Ghent, award-winning and critically acclaimed author of No Small Thing and All the Way Home, returns with a hilarious story of friendship and comeuppance. The Odds Get Even perfectly captures the childhood spirit of secret plans and adventures while showing that being different isn’t such a bad thing

The Good Stuff
  • Wonderful story that boys in the 9 - 12 age will love, especially if they are not hockey obsessed stereotypical Canadian boys (Yup folks, Jake is going to love this one)
  • Delightfully unusual characters
  • There is a ghost story, its minor, but its still there and I LOVE ghost stories
  • The friendship between the boys really rings true and is very honestly portrayed
  • It reminded me of my youth as an "Odd kid"
  • Very realistic portrayal of boys and some of the situations they find themselves in - especially with dealing with bullies
  • Quirky good fun 
The Not so Good Stuff
  • Come on, must all parental figures come off as completely clueless morons
What I Learned
  • That sometimes it really sucks to be a geeky young boy
  • That I'm not such a bad cook after-all, at least I don't make only soup casseroles
Who should/shouldn't read
  • Perfect for middle school age boys, especially those that are considered a little bit different
  • A great book for kids who have been bullied
  • Hockey obsessed Canadian boys probably won't get into this one
4 Dewey's

I got a signed copy for Jake at the Ontario Library Association conference last year and didn't have to review it, just felt like passing on a recommendation for a good book for middle school boys


  1. Thanks for the great review, Jennifer!

  2. Thanks Natale -- it was great meeting you at OLA and btw, my son started the book tonight and I heard him laughing a couple of times