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Monday, November 15, 2010

Mom and Me Mondays: Eight Days, a Story of Haiti by Edwidge Danticat

Eight Days: A Story of Haiti
by Edwidge Danticat
Illustrated by Alix Delinois
ISBN: 978-0-545-27849-2
Suggested Ages: 7 and up

Description: From National Book Award nominee Edwidge Danticat comes a timely, brilliantly crafted story of hope and imagination--a powerful tribute to Haiti and children around the world! Hope comes alive in this heartfelt and deeply resonating story.
While Junior is trapped for 8 days beneath his collapsed house after an earthquake, he uses his imagination for comfort. Drawing on beautiful, everyday-life memories, Junior paints a sparkling picture of Haiti for each of those days--flying kites with his best friend or racing his sister around St. Marc's Square--helping him through the tragedy until he is finally rescued. Love and hope dance across each page--granting us a way to talk about resilience as a family, a classroom, or a friend

Mom's Note: As mentioned before, Jake has a hard time with books that deal with sadness so it always affects his reviews -- nothing against the talents of the author

Jake's Review: Mom this book is odd looking and I really don't get it.  I did like that it was hopeful about the families that survived the earthquake, but I didn't like the fact that one of the kids died. Although I think it was nicely written for younger kids who probably won't realize that the other kid died. I don't like books like this because they are too serious and I really didn't like that a young boy died.  This would be a good book for teachers to talk to us about though
Jake's Rating: 6/10

Mom's Review:  A beautifully simple and subtle story of the power of imagination and of hope and resiliance.  I did however think the art work was a little too sophisticated for the suggested age. That is just a personal opinion and mostly based on my child's tastes. However, I do think this will be an award winner.  It would be a fantastic addition to a classroom library where a teacher would have the ability to discuss Haiti and the earthquake with the childeren.  I have a feeling though that unless there is some promotion of it in the classroom or the library, that the children will overlook it because of the sophisticated artwork. That being said it really is beautifully and sensitively done. You can really see the author and the illustrator's  love and admiration for Haiti and its people.
Mom's Rating: 8.5/10

We received this book from Scholastic in exchange for an honest review

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