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Friday, October 29, 2010

The Word Made Flesh: Literary Tattoos from Bookworms Worldwide by Eva Talmadge and Justin Taylor: Book Review

The Word Made Flesh: Literary Tattoos from Bookworms Worldwide
by Eva Talmadge & Justin Taylor
ISBN: 978-0-06-199740-2

Description: The Word Made Flesh: Literary Tattoos from Bookworms Worldwide is a guide to the emerging subculture of literary tattoos—a collection of more than 150 full-color photographs of human epidermis indelibly adorned with quotations and illustrations from Dickinson to Pynchon, from Shakespeare to Plath. With beloved lines of verse, literary portraits, and illustrations—and statements from the bearers on their tattoos' history and the personal significance of the chosen literary work—The Word Made Flesh is part collection of photographs and part literary anthology written on skin.

The Good Stuff
  • Fascinating stories and some exceptionally artistic tattoos
  • Very unusual and interesting selection of literary tattoos
  • Inspiring if you are interested in getting a piece of body work
  • Great story about girl with the Hungary Caterpillar Tattoo
  • Information and story about living book called "Flesh"
  • Tons of Librarians with Tattoos ( we are cool people!!!!)
  • Very creative and talented artists
  • The photo's of the tattoos are wonderful

The Not so Good Stuff
  • Would have like a story for everyone of the tattoos
  • Would have liked to have seen more modern literary examples as well
Favorite Tattoos

  • The Very Hungary Caterpillar - Pg 82/83
  •  Passages from Neuromancer - Pg 98
  • For Marcel Proust - Pg 130
  • Kerouc - Pg 156
  • The Stand - Pg 158

What I Learned
  • There are some really "interesting" people in this world
  • That I really, really want to get another tattoo -- now I just have to decide what
  • About a fascinating living book called Flesh, that I would love to take part in
Who should/shouldn't read
  • Those interested in tattoos 
  • Anyone looking for an interesting coffee table book
  • People who like the unsusual
  • Not for the prudish 
  • This would be excellent for a College, University and Public Libraries
4 Dewey's

I received this book from HarperPerennial in exchange for an honest review


  1. Not a tatoo fan, but am curious about the book. Maybe it would make me want to get one ;)

  2. It really is a fascinating book, take a peek if you get a chance, should be in most bookstores. And go for it - they don't hurt too bad and you can always get something literary - which makes it classy ; )