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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rick Springfield - Book Signing

So, I attended the book signing yesterday for Rick Springfield's Memoir. .  I left work early to meet up with my buddy Tosca (who I hadn't seen in 15 years) and we hung out and caught up with each  other for two hours and than I headed over to the Indigo at Bay/Bloor to check out if I could get my copies signed since I hadn't bought them from that location. Well much to my surprise/shock there was already a line up for the event. It was only 3:45 and the event didn't start till 7:00.  Since I didn't have anything else to do, I grabbed a chair and got in line.

I had brought  my Kobo with me since I was going by myself and didn't know if there was anyone I would want to chat with.  Much to my surprise, I only had it turned on for a minute before I was chatting away with the ladies in the line (I still find it odd how social I am these days, considering I was so shy growing up)  and the Kobo didn't get turned on again till I was on the subway home.

The ladies -- who I never got any of their names, were tons of fun to talk to and I am really glad that I got to hang with them.  One of the ladies was from Orangeville and her  friend was here from London.  The friend has to be the best Aunt I have ever met. She took her niece 3 times to see Adam Lambert and 1 time stayed in line for like 6 hours without the chance to eat, drink or go to the bathroom.   I also met a very sweet and friendly Archivist who is taking her mom on the Rick Springfield Cruise.  There was also a nice women from I think it was Palgrave who was also interesting to talk to.

There were also tons of "interesting" people at the event who knew way too much about Ricky, which explained the huge amount of security.  We also had some entertainment from these extremely colorful and fun ladies from Ottawa.  It was definitely  not boring.

The Chapters and other staff organized everything like clockwork (even though the area was way too closed in) and they even had some music playing and trivia and giveaways. I had no chance in winning any of these contests, as I was with tons of women who really knew there Rick Trivia.

Now actually meeting Rick was a little bit of a let down, since they put you through, an assembly line and there was no way you could say more than thanks or hi to him.  He also got distracted by someone talking to him and fucked up on the inscription for the copy of the book I bought for the SWWR for Spina Bifida.  On a good note I got a nice squeeze from him and he smelled really good -- and I still am convinced he made a pact with the devil to look that Hot at 61.  The poor bastard looked exhausted though and I really felt sorry for him, because it looked like he would rather be anywhere than here.   Also the photographer took the picture at the wrong time when I was "supposed" to have my pic taken, Rick thought the picture was already taken so was getting ready to move on to the next middle aged women.

As promised here are some of the pictures of the book signing for Rick Springfield's Late, Late at  Night
(Sorry my Camera takes CRAPPY pictures)

Early Group - the 1st 5 ladies have been here since 10am

Near the end of the line at 4:00

Simon and Schuster's Photo posted on FB

Crazy Ottawa ladies - resting for a brief moment

Orangeville women

Damn Photographer (Me and Rick)


  1. Are you serious they were there at 10am? Those are serious Rick fans. Don't you just hate it when they take the pic at the wrong time? Still you got to get a pic with him. Very nice and he does smell good doesn't he? LOL

    I think the tour is starting to take its toll on him.

  2. You know, I had a similar experience with Neil Gaiman last December. He signed my copy of Stardust, which is by far my favourite of his. It was the same thing, long impersonal line, a couple minutes, nothing special. He drew a star on my book, and smiled at me, and shook my hand. I'm glad you got at least one picture with Rick, and hope that you get to have better experiences with author signings in the future!

  3. Love the photo of you two. Lucky girl!

  4. Hey Cindy -- yup 10:00, that is seriously dedicated. I agree about your comments about the tour taking its toll --he just looked plain exhausted

    Rhiannon - Beautiful name btw! It's sort of a let down because you have read something and loved it and you want to talk to them about it, but no one gives you time too. Such a shame. I have to read something by Gaiman, haven't had a chance to yet -- ah another thing to add to the tbr pile

    Thanks Stacy!