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Monday, October 25, 2010

Mom and Me Mondays: The Rink Rats by Irene Punt

The Rink Rats
by Irene Punt
Scholastic Canada Ltd
ISBN: 978-1-4431-0442-5
Suggested Age: 7  -10

Description: Tom loves playing hockey with his friends on the Glenlake Hawks. When he suggests using an outdoor rink for their annual Family Day game, he promises a perfect sheet of ice. It won’t be easy. The game is two weeks away, and it’s a cold and snowy February. Can he and his teammates stick together and do the job, no matter what?

Jake's Review: So mom, can you get me more of this series (hmm, I know what Mommy is going to buy at Chapters tomorrow for Jake for Christmas). This book was really cool mom and nice and easy to read. I didn't want to put it down (mom's note: had to turn the light off in his room to get him to stop reading it).  It is funny, exciting and I really, really liked it.  I think Brian would like it because it is about hockey and we KNOW how much he likes hockey.  I liked the main boy Tom.  He's really good at hockey and he is funny and does really nice things without being too girly. I wish the book was longer.

Jake's Rating: 10/10

Mom's Review: I'm surprised Jake liked this so much, since it is about hockey, and he pretty much knows nothing about hockey (I know a Canadian boy who isn't into hockey, shame, shame).  I love it when Jake reads a book and wants to read more, so even before I read this book, I gave it a 10/10.  Anything that grabs a boys attention and encourages them to read more is cool with me. I liked how the author wrote about kids working together to do something without making it too goody goody, that appeals to boys.  The boyish humour and the way the characters interact with each other will definitely appeal to boys in the 7-9 range. A nice chapter book with a non obvious or overly sugary lesson in teamwork, responsibility and friendship . Oh yeah and it is obviously Canadian, which is nice too.

Mom's Rating: 10/10

We received this from Scholastic in exchange for an honest review and Jake would just like to say that he has the best Mommy in the whole world for getting him this book -- Jake's note I did not say that Mom, I said thanks for getting me this book

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