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Monday, October 18, 2010

Late, Late at Night a Memoir by Rick Springfield

Ok, before I get into this review -- lets talk about Rick Springfield.  Now a lot of this will date me, but most of you already know I'm a 40 year old women, so this shouldn't be a surprise.  I've always liked Rick Springfield, I never had a crush on him mind you, at the time he was a little too pretty for my tastes (Back than my loves were Tom Selleck, Parker Stevenson, Joe Elliot of Def Leppard & Tom Wopat), but he looked like a decent fellow and I really enjoyed his music.  Any of you who have ever lost your Dad will know of his
hauntingly beautiful and honest  "My Father's Chair".  I find that I cannot listen to the song without thinking of my beautiful Dad and how emptier the world is without him (& how sad that my boys will never get to meet him) I also loved his song Like Father, Like Son and used to play it over and over. And well I think we all love Jessie's Girl (NO I did not name my boy after the song - Jesse is the name of my maternal Grandma - Jesse Porter) even you youngster's.

Over the 80's and 90's I liked some of his songs and enjoyed watching him in various TV shows, But it wasn't until I caught him in Californication that I really became interested in him. Anyone who can poke fun at himself liked he did on Californication, has to be alright (and wow he's got a nice little bod on him).  A few months after that I heard he had written a memoir so I begged my Simon and Schuster contact to get me a copy to review.  Well, I am glad I did as you will see in the review

One last thing, I hope I have the chance to tell him how important and decent it is to write of his struggle with depression.  This can really help those who are suffering and thinking of ending it all realize that they are not alone and that things will get better. It's nice to see a celebrity speak so openly and honestly and non-judgmentally  about depression, it really makes up for schmucks like Tom Cruise. Hmm, maybe I will ask Rick that if he ever meets up with Tom Cruise to give him a smack upside the head from this Canadian girl who suffered from Post Postpartum Depression and didn't have time to exercise because she was too busy taking care of her special needs child.  Screw you Tom!! Ooops,  sorry about the rant, every time I hear that boys name I get fired up

Late, Late at Night: a Memoir
by Rick Springfield
Touchstone Book (Simon and Schuster)
ISBN: 978-1-4391-9115-6

Description: In a searingly candid memoir which he authored himself, Grammy Award-winning pop icon Rick Springfield pulls back the curtain on his image as a bright, shiny, happy performer to share the startling story of his rise and fall and rise in music, film, and television and his lifelong battle with depression.
In the 1980s, singer-songwriter and actor Rick Springfield seemed to have it all: a megahit single in “Jessie's Girl,” sold-out concert tours, follow-up hits that sold more than 17 million albums and became the pop soundtrack for an entire generation, and 12 million daily viewers who avidly tuned in to General Hospital to swoon over his portrayal of the handsome Dr. Noah Drake. Yet lurking behind his success as a pop star and soap opera heartthrob and his unstoppable drive was a moody, somber, and dark soul, one filled with depression and insecurity.

           In Late, Late at Night, the memoir his millions of fans have been waiting for, Rick takes readers inside the highs and lows of his extraordinary life. By turns winningly funny and heartbreakingly sad, every page resonates with Rick's witty, wry, self-deprecating, brutally honest voice. On one level, he reveals the inside story of his ride to the top of the entertainment world. On a second, deeper level, he recounts with unsparing candor the forces that have driven his life, including his longtime battle with depression and thoughts of suicide, the shattering death of his father, and his decision to drop out at the absolute peak of fame. Having finally found a more stable equilibrium, Rick's story is ultimately a positive one, deeply informed by his passion for creative expression through his music, a deep love of his wife of twenty-six years and their two sons, and his life-long quest for spiritual peace.

The Good Stuff
  • Beautifully honest and raw
  • The book leaves you feeling very hopeful and you really, really, want to give him a hug
  • As mentioned above what he is doing is a good thing by revealing his struggle with depression
  • Delighted to see that he has nerd qualities -- I love a man who has Star Wars toys!
  • Extremely witty and self deprecating
  • Made me cry, many, many times
  • The love for his Mom and Dad is written so beautifully and with no accusations, just observations
  • He Loves Dogs - really that is enough for me. He writes so wonderfully about his love for his many canine companions
  • He really doesn't sugar coat his mistakes
  • Loved the 1st chapter, really grabbed my interest and loved to hear about his travel adventures on the way to England
  • The part about his suicide attempt is heartbreaking -- the first, and not last time I cried while reading
  • The chapter on Sahara is beautiful and so very sad at the same time -- again there were tears and really must learn not to read sad stuff on the TTC, I was crying and people were staring like I was some kind of freak -- normal people cry assclowns!!!
  • Also Chapter where the dog dies is brutal but beautiful -- and yes -- more crying
The Not so Good Stuff
  • Would have liked more pictures (The picture of him with his son Liam is beautiful!!)
  • At times I was a little ticked off at him for some of his choices and the hurt being done to his two boys by those choices. I would be very interested in how they feel about this memoir
  • The first chapter may be a little difficult for those who like things in a more linear way. In my case, I liked it because it reminded me of how I tell stories sometimes. It really endeared him to me, but I am putting it in here, because it might be a struggle for some. Do not let it stop you from reading the book!!
  • Damn you Rick, I stayed up late, late, late at night reading the book because it was so damn good.  Don't be making any comments about the bags under my eye's when I get my picture taken with you!
Favorite Quotes/Passages (There are tons of good ones, but I'm not giving you any more than this)

"The idea of that little kid hopping around a tiny Aussie country town on a pogo stick versus the guy I see in the mirror today is one of the biggest mind-fucks of my life."

"Maybe it will help prevent wars over the color of the flag, but I doubt it. And nothing will ever stop us all fighting over the true name of God."

"And I am finally made aware of the "myth of fame". It may seem like an obvious revelation, bu honestly, unless you've gone through it, you can't imagine what kind of mind-fuck it really is to truly understand that, in and of itself, fame is not ultimately transformative."

What I Learned
  • I sooo don't want to be a celebrity -- no no never mind - always knew that
  • A lot about depression and addictions and a better understanding of them
  • About the background of certain songs
  • That his wife is a saint, because HONESTLY, I don't think I would have put up with the infidelities (Yup, I totally made a distant judgment call -- sorry Rick)
  • I really like the word mind-fuck
  • That I Really would like to sit down with him and talk about things.
Who should/shouldn't read
  • Anyone who has suffered or is still suffering from Depression or thoughts of suicide
  • Anyone interested in Rick Springfield OBVIOUSLY
  • Not for the prudish or judgmental -- and if you are one of those types of people, probably not best to keep following this blog.
5 Dewey's

OK. Now I'm off to meet with my buddy Tosca who I haven't seen in over 15 years and than it's off to the signing at Indigo. I've got my IPOD charged with some Ring Spring field tunes, 2 copies of the book (1 for MY Jesse and 1 to raise money for the Spina Bifida Association walk next year) and my push up bra (Hey, ever since Californication I find him a lot hotter than he was back in the 80's)

Hopefully I don't come across as a total nerd when I see him and hopefully sound more articulate than the time that I met Paul Gross.

Will post picture of the event tomorrow


  1. Have fun at the book signing. Oh how I wish he was coming to mOntreal to do one. Enjoy. I got to meet Rick when I was at BEA in May and all I have to say is he gives out awesome sincere hugs.

  2. Glad this one is good. I've been a fan since his General Hospital days.

  3. Damn Cindy, I wish I had got one of the hugs : )

    Stacy -- I liked him on GH too, but if I remember at the time I had more of a crush on Scorpio -- he had that whole accent thing ; )