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Monday, September 6, 2010

Mom and Me Mondays: How Much Does Your Head Weigh? by Marg Meikle

How Much Does Your Head Weigh? The Big Fat Book of Facts
by Marg Meikle
Illustrated by Tina Holdcroft
Scholastic Canada Ltd
ISBN: 978-1-4431-0047-2
Suggested Age: 9 - 12

Description: Why is 13 unlucky?
Why don’t tattoos come off?
Do twins have the same DNA?
What did we use before toilet paper?
Do animals dream?
Why can’t you tickle yourself?
Can humans spontaneously combust?
Why is it called a hat trick?

Customs . . . food . . . superstitions . . . sports . . . animals . . . inventions . . . science . . . Crammed with tons of laughs and stats, this HUGE book of facts answers more than 300 weird and wonderful questions. Amaze yourself, baffle your friends. From Silver Birch Award Winner Marg Meikle. Over 400 pages of fun!

Jake's Review:  Mom did you know that in the olden days left-handed people were considered "EVIL" (mom's note: Well that explains a lot about your father LOL)  Did you know that if you put someone's hand in warm water when they are asleep, they will Pee. I am soo doing that to Jesse tonight (mom's note: hmm, Jake you want to read something else now) This book is really good but it is way too big to read all at once.  I think we should read 5 facts a night (Mom's note: we did and this was a BRILLIANT idea) instead.  I really like the pictures and think there should be more of them. Some of the stuff was really funny and I liked that the girl author wrote things that boys would like.  I think my friend Ben would like this and probably would read it all at once.  The rest of my friends would take one look at the thickness of this book and run away.  I also wish there were less big words.

Jake's Rating: 7 3/4 / 10 (he's been working on math this summer)

Mom's Review:  What a brilliant bloody book. Lots of interesting information presented in a way that kids don't even realize they are learning something.  Jake had an brilliant idea of just reading a couple of facts each night so that he wouldn't be overwhelmed by the book. This really worked for us and it led to some lovely family time. The author also puts in lots of descriptions that will appeal to young boys (and mom's like me who basically are 9 yr old boys) and reluctant readers. I agree with Jake on the illustrations, they were fun, but I would have liked more of them. As Jake mentioned there were a lot of big words, but I liked that because he came to me and asked me what they meant, which led to lots of interesting conversations (e.g Spontaneous Human Combustion) This is a must have for every public and middle school library.  We will definitely be keeping this one -- and lending it out of course.  Also as a Library worker, I LOVED the Index at the back

Mom's Rating: 9/10


  1. We are reading this book too. It's fun and full of interesting facts. Great review, by the way!

  2. Thanks Laura, I know its so much fun and we have had tons of interesting conversations after wards. Thanks for the nice comments. I really enjoy your blog too!