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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Everything is Going to be Great by Rachel Shukert: Book Review

Everything is Going to be Great: An underfunded and overexposed European Grand Tour
by Rachel Shukert

Description: When she lands a coveted nonpaying, nonspeaking role in a play going on a European tour, Rachel Shukert—with a brand-new degree in acting from NYU and no money—finally scores her big break. And, after a fluke at customs in Vienna, she gets her golden ticket: an unstamped passport, giving her free rein to “find herself” on a grand tour of Europe. Traveling from Vienna to Zurich to Amsterdam, Rachel bounces through complicated relationships, drunken mishaps, miscommunication, and the reality-adjusting culture shock that every twenty-something faces when sent off to negotiate "the real world"—whatever that may be.

The Good Stuff
  • Book is written by a wonderfully funny self-deprecating and honest women
  • So funny at times you will snort wine out your nose -- true story (Hmm, maybe should put that under not so good stuff)
  • The How to Use this Book at the beginning is worth the price of the book alone
  • Love her relationships and conversations between Rachel and her parents and between her and her  two gay roommates
  • Refreshingly honest, definitely the kinda person you want to hang around with  
  • Oh come on, just go but the book, you know you wanna - you won't be disappointed
  • She mentioned eating spaetzle, which reminded me of the yummy spaetzle my  neighbor used to make me as a kid -- it was heavenly yummy stuff
  • It may not sound like it, but the Are You About to be Sex-Trafficked bit is quite funny
  • I will definitely be looking for a copy of her other book "Have you no shame"
  • Why are you still reading this -- Go Buy the Book, the author is far more wittier than I am : )
The Not so Good Stuff
  • She can be quite vulgar and some of her imagery is a little nasty (not complaining, but just a warning) at times
  • Certain chapters just sort of jump and you get a little lost for a moment or two -- or that just could be because I am a mom and the brain doesn't work all that fast these days
  • Had Phil Collins lyrics in my head while reading -- not that that is a completely bad thing -- but it lasted all day

Favorite Quotes/Passages (There are so many, I had to cut myself off from putting them all!)

"I am uncomfortable explicitly endorsing this product for bodily insertion, uncertain as I am of the safety of any chemical additives in the paper, dyes, or inks. Should you contact the customer service line at HarperCollins, I am sure they will be able to advise you."

"In the olden days, when wealthy young English gentlemen stormed the immoral European continent in order to shake off the last libidinous and homosexual vestiges of boarding school before settling down to the business of siring heirs and murdering wildlife..."

"It didn't seem fair to force someone to confront their family's Nazi past until you'd been dating for at least six weeks."

"I believe you have me mixed up with a gay man --- Gay men are supposed to bring over ice cream and tell you how thin you look and show you where to get tested for STD's, Lesbians give tough love and tell you what to put in the cat's food to keep it from shedding."

What I Learned
  • I really, really enjoy memoir's written by self-deprecating Jewish women!!!!
  • I so need to travel to Europe one of these days 
  • I like Phil Collins songs ; )
Who should/shouldn't read
  • Not for the prudish or easily offended
  • Good for anyone who has a sense of humor -- if you don't why the heck are you reading my blog anyway
  • Fans of Ariel Leve should enjoy as well
  • Anyone who likes memoirs by frank and funny Jewish chicks!
4.5 Dewey's

I received this from Harper Perennial in exchange for an honest review -- honestly ; )

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