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Friday, September 10, 2010

BlogFest 2010 September - STOP 141 Ends Midnight Sept 12 (International)

Sorry this is so late guys, but my parenting duties always have to come first.

I am very excited about taking part in this event and thought it would be fun to promote my favorite authors

Prizes are as follows

Prize #1 JK Beck Prize Pack

Signed ARC of When Blood Calls and Preorder of  When Pleasure Rules

Prize #2 Jennifer Estep Prize Pack
Spider's Bite, Web of Lies and Preorder of Venom

Prize Pack #3 Marta Acosta Prize Pack
Happy Hour at Casa Dracula, Midnight Brunch at Casa Dracula

Prize Pack #4 Jen's Reviewed Books
Your Choice of Any 2 Books (Ordered from Book Depository) from the list of books I have reviewed so far

Don't forget about the massive BlogFest 2010 grand giveaway!  Head on over to and click on the Tracking Site link to head to our own exclusive tracking site.  Once there you can register with a valid email address (to be used solely for the purpose of contacting the winner).  This site will allow you to track your progress through BlogFest 2010!  You can log on from anywhere at any time and continue where you left off.  The best part is that every blog that you visit and mark off through this tracking site will give you one entry into the massive giveaway!  We have a great collection of books, goodies and other swag that is looking for a new home!

Ok That's it Please Fill Out Form
(Extra Entries if you are a Follower or Tweet about my Blog)

And  Next Stop on the BlogFest List is  Pure Information


  1. Never feel like you have to apologize for putting your family first!!!!

  2. You are offering some great books! Of course I entered. Kinda puts my prize packs to shame. I'm a little jealous! :)

  3. Wow! So many fabulous books. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! My BlogFest giveaways are here.

    From the Shadows
    Spirit Guide Series

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