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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The BEST backpack EVER - Thanks CSN

If you guys remember a couple of weeks ago I was given the opportunity to review an item from CSN Stores. I have worked with them in the past, and have been very impressed.

This time I am even more impressed. The item I chose this time was the Sumdex MT-3 Series Dynamic Laptop Backpack in Black.

The back pack is beautifully compact and comfy. It is sleek, has tons of pockets (for anal librarians like myself) and most of all, it is grown up looking (Much better than the kiddie bag I have been carrying the past couple of months)

The delivery time was extremely quick and I am very impressed with the packaging this time -- not over packaged as with previous purchases. Excellent work CSN. If you get a chance I highly recommend shopping with them. My only complaint, as with most online stores based in the U.S, is the extremely high international fee.   But than again, the shipping service is excellent,  so I guess you get what you pay for.

In front of my Fav movie poster (Nathan Fillion)

Sumdex MT-3 Series Dynamic Laptop Backpack in Black (Sorry my pic didn't turn out)

The Back (Nice and Comfy)
Inside Front Pocket


  1. Looks pretty nifty. Especially with Mockingjay! :)

  2. Thanks Martha, put that it for fun (Had it finished the day it came out)