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Saturday, August 28, 2010

When Blood Calls by J,K. Beck: Book Review

Don't bother reading my review just go buy the damn thing o.k..

I was a little worried about reading and reviewing this one, especially since I had just finished Mockingjay -- but thank goodness J.K. Beck (Julie Kenner) does not disappoint -- phew -- I'm also always nervous about reading (and reviewing) books from people I just plain adore -- just in case the story sucks and I have to say that since I'm really not good at lying -- well except to my husband "No I DO NOT think Ryan Reynolds is hotter than you"  Anyways I am babbling as always, here is the review

When Blood Calls
by J.K. Beck
Bantam Books (Random House)
ISBN: 978-0-440-24577-3
Release Date: September 21, 2010 (Nah nah, I got mine EARLY - it's signed too R U jealous)

Description: Sara Constantine is one of the country’s most tenacious prosecuting attorneys—and she’s just secured a well-earned promotion. At first she’s thrilled. Then she finds out her new job involves prosecuting vampires and werewolves. And nothing prepares Sara for the shock she receives when she meets the first defendant she’ll be trying to put away: Lucius Dragos, the sexy stranger with whom she recently shared an explosive night of ecstasy.

When Lucius Dragos kisses the beautiful woman sitting next to him at the bar, he’s only hoping to blend into the crowd and avoid the perceptive gaze of the man he’s following…and planning to kill. But what starts as a simple kiss to secure his cover ignites into a fierce hunger that leads to an all-consuming passion. Charged with murder, Luke knows Sara will do whatever it takes to see him locked away—unless he can convince her that he’s not the monster she thinks he is. And that might mean making the greatest sacrifice a vampire can make

The Good Stuff
  • Sara is an intelligent lawyer but still romantic and has an incredible sense of humor
  • LOVED some of the secondary characters such as Doyle and Tucker and would like to learn more about them, especially about the back story between Doyle and Lucius
  • Outstanding opening chapter
  • It's geeky I know but I loved that one of the characters was named Porter (as that is my maiden name) I know silly, but I cannot lie
  • Great relationship between Luke and Sara
  • Very naughty scenes
  • Loved her creativity with creating the underground Shadow world and what Vampires are -- nicely done
  • Well done how Sara gets introduced to the paranormal world
  • Storyline grabs your attention and doesn't let you go and you end up staying up till 2:00 am to finish (Hmm might have to put that point in the "Not so Good Stuff" section)
  • Lots of surprises that you don't see coming and characters are not predictable 
  • Really looking forward to the next 2 books in the series 
The Not so Good Stuff
  • Didn't like the descriptions of the kids being killed (I know it was very mild compared to some, but I'm sensitive that way)
  • Would have liked some more humor -- but probably wouldn't have worked for the story -- but I like the way Kenner writes humor
Favorite Quotes/Passages

"No, Ma'am." Tucker said. "We at Homeland Security do not have a sense of humor of which we're aware."

"Ah, I understand your confusion. Best not to get your facts from late-night television."

"That man was a son of a Bitch"
"So are you, but you don't see me pulling out a stake."

What I Learned
  • Maybe being a Lawyer isn't that bad
  • Vampires are sexy -- never mind already knew that
Who should/shouldn't read
  • Natasha won't like, but I still love her anyway
  • Anyone who likes paranormal fiction, urban fantasy or even those who just enjoy a good story
  • Fans of Law and Order style fiction will also enjoy, even if they are not paranormal fans
  • Fans of Jeaniene Frost, Marta Acosta and Jennifer Estep will also enjoy

4.5/5 Dewey's

Hello, why are you still reading this -- go and buy the book!

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