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Monday, August 23, 2010

Mom and Me Mondays: This is Silly by Gary Taxali

This is Silly
by Gary Taxali
Scholastic Press
ISBN: 978--439-71836-3
Suggested Ages: 3+ (From publisher)

Description: A very silly boy takes us on very silly adventure where we meet very silly characters who run in silly circles, fly in silly skies, and walk in the silliest parade ever! All in all, this is the silliest book you've ever seen and will be sure to leave the youngest children in silly gales of laughter as they, too, get silly

Jake's Review: Very creative and I like the silly rhyme.  The pictures are sorta creepy and I don't think little babies like Jesse will like it. Some of the stuff was really funny, but I would like it better if the pictures were different.  Looks like some of those "OLD" books you have.  I really like the mirror at the end of the story and I think babies will like it too -- hopefully they will not drool over it though! I think old people like you guys would like it better than kids would. I don't like the Manic Monkey character he is mad looking and scary.

Jake's Rating: 6/10

Mom's Review:  Jesse loved looking at the inside of the front cover and he loved the mirror at the back but he wouldn't let me read the rest to him.  That is no big shock as he does not like to be read to (I know, the horror and the shame).  He was fascinated by that inside cover though.  I can see why it is very colorful and busy.  I loved the rhymes and the silliness of it. But I have to be honest, some of the pictures creeped me out too.  Love the idea of it though -- nothing better than nonsense and silliness -- but I think the pictures are a little too sophisticated for the younger audience.

Mom's Rating 6.5/10

We received this from Scholastic in return for an honest review - Sorry Scholastic I wish we liked it more

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