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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mikisew Provincial Park - Camping 2010

This is our 6th year Camping out for a week at Mikisew Provincial Park.  It is located 1 hour SOUTH of North Bay, Ontario, Canada. It is the perfect place for camping for famililes with small children.  We have a great time hanging out at the beach and splashing around in the warmish water, eating Pie Irons (Trust me if you have never had one -- you ARE missing out on heaven and a crapload of calories) feeding Ducks (but no Seagulls, since I am a bird racist) and Chipmunks, long bike rides through the beautiful countryside, fishing,  reading books in a hammock, and just plain relaxing (well not while Jesse was at the beach, that kid is INSANE, I cannot take my eyes off him)

Here are some pictures from this year's adventure
Jesse and Mom in Hammock

Jake Teaching Jesse how to feed the Squirrels

Daddy Fishing

Eagle Lake Narrows Store (For all those things you forgot and IceCream)
Thank god for DVD players on rainy days

Jesse Feeding his 1st Chipmunk

Feeding the Ducks

Home Sweet Home

Lance Nutstrong

After we heard about bears

Pure Bliss

Water Fight
Sports at the Beach
Jake Fishing
Me and the boys after LONG bike ride

Super Strong Mommy

Playing with Daddy

What the Hell was that Rat looking Thing

Jake and Lance Nutstrong

View from Eagle Lake store

All of our crap

TEASE, hubby wouldn't let me even touch it!


  1. We camped at Mikisew also and we had come across a trading post with a candy shop next to it and they had the absolute best hand-made fudge, I wondered if you by chance know the name, the guy there in the store told us he makes the fudge himself and they had a whole lot of candy there but the brown sugar fudge was the best thing I ever had. Cannot remember the name of the place or even the store beside it.

  2. If it is the same one we went to it is called the Maple Sugar House and I think it was in Sundridge - hope that helps Nancy

  3. Which campsite # did you stay at? Was it private (lots of trees and bushes)?

  4. Hey Oki - we stayed in the 400's last year (Can't remember exact #) but it wasn't the most private. If you are looking for more privacy I would recommend something in the 200's or way out in the 400's where no one else camps. Check on the and you can take a look at the privacy ratings for all the sites

  5. Mikisew provincial park is the worst place anyone can camp, be wary of this review! The staff are unfriendly, and like to flex their power by giving "warnings" whenever they seem to "pass by." Noise complaints were being issued all over the park by 1030 pm, due to the amount of people cramped together literally 10 feet from campsite to campsite. If you like to walk around after 1030 pm, or just stay awake past 11, this park is not for you. If you do however like to be confound to a 10 foot by 10 foot lot and be forced to go to bed than this place is definetely for you. If you are caught swearing, venturing off after 11, drinking alcohol, being slightly loud, or just having a good time, then this place is NOT for you. My group just went to mikisew on the june long weekend of 2012, and we were threatened by fellow camp goers that we would have our teeth kicked in, were constantly being harrassed by the park officials for things that werent happening, were being told we can "stay up all night," followed by given an ultimatum of go to sleep or be evicted. We were then promptly evicted at 9 am on Sunday morning even though we complied with the park rangers, and even though we paid for the site until monday and were given no refund. The police escorted us out and told us to drive 3 and a half hours home even though they knew we had been drinking the previous night and refused to give us a breathalyser (we didnt want to drive while being intoxicated, but they didnt seem to care). All in all, it was one of the worst experiences of my life. I would never for any amount of money, go back to Mikisew provincial park, and if you smart, I'd advise you invest your money elsewhere. Believe me, it will be in your best interest to go anywhere else.

    1. Thank you for this review. I'm happy to have you and your friends camping elsewhere!

    2. I am glad that Mikisew is cleaing up its reputation and threw you out. We quit camping at Mikisew two years ago because I was next to partiers that puked in the vault toilets. Imagine that! I gave the park a terrible review upon leaving, and am glad to see that they responded. I might actually return to Mikisew again now that I have read this review!

    3. We moved out to Calgary and really miss Mikisew - hope things are getting better

  6. Provincial Parks are not the place for drinking swearing and rowdiness especially after 11pm when fellow campers (especially those with small children or very light sleepers like myself) are trying to sleep. When outdoors, respect needs to be shown. Noise travels all over the campground, but if you were noisy you wouldnt know that. I think they were correct to send you home. If you want to party and carry on, its best to do so at a bar or at your home. Just sayin.

  7. Thanks for the information. Looking forward to camping at Mikesew next week! jr

  8. I appreciate the sincerity of the review of "Mr. Anonymous'" experience... I am planning to book 2 sites for 8 party-going guys. We normally go backcountry camping, but have decided to stick to a "car-camp" this year. I guess our beer keg won't be well recieved, so I guess we'll avoid Tommy Park Ranger and go elsewhere!

  9. Yes, take your keg and go somewhere else. Having a kegger at a public campground is like showing up in a strange neighborhood and setting up shop in someones back yard. Why are you complaining - we're trying to party over here dude? O your kids are trying to sleep? Screw off Tommy Park Ranger - We're trying to see who can puke the furthest! Inconsiderate losers.

  10. I will be camping in Mikisew for the first time, this August, 2014. Arrowhead is one of my absolute favourite parks, as it is centrally located, but only 4 days into the five month reservation period and it is almost fully booked. Last year in August, I drove from Arrowhead to explore a new park... and it was Mikisew. Glad I did! So I am booked there for a week! When I did check it out last year, I was greeted by smiling & friendly staff. I thoroughly drove around, then parked and walked. I easily saw the difference in camping areas, and don't mind the Pines area at all. I jotted down a few preferred sites, and booked one this year. Having camped in many of Ontario's Provincial Parks, I know what to generally expect. Being in my later 50's, I like beautiful scenery, water for paddling, trails for biking and hiking, and a town not too far off. All the Provincial Parks have exactly the same rules, for the general enjoyment of everyone, but it is clear that certain conditions require more frequent patrols (very busy seasons or weekends) or an influx of younger campers. If people are looking for a party atmosphere, then they should stay in their own backyard. I am very much looking forward to this trip!

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