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Monday, August 9, 2010

J.K. Beck aka Julie Kenner: New Series and CONTEST

Ok kids, today we are going to talk about one of Jen's favorite authors. We all know I love to read but due to space and financial limitations and a hubby who would threaten divorce if I bought another "damn Billy bookcase" I have to be extremely choosy on which books I will buy.  That being said I do have a couple of favorite authors who I will buy everything they have written -- husband be damned.  Today I am going to talk about Julie Kenner/J.K. Beck.

I cannot exactly remember where I first heard about Julie Kenner, but I am pretty sure it was a book review in People magazine for her Demon Hunting Soccer Mom Series.   I do remember that at the time Buffy the Vampire Slayer was off the air and I was sadly missing her.  The book review I read mentioned that the book was sort of like what would have happened if Buffy had moved to the suburbs and had kids.  From that line I knew I had to get me a copy of this book.  Being the good Librarian (Library Technician) I am I first hit our local library for a copy.  The waiting list for it was huge, but I put my name down for it anyway.  And I am very glad I did, from the first page of Carpe Demon: Adventures of a Demon Hunting Soccer Mom, I was hooked.  After I was done I went to Forster's Book Garden and ordered me a copy to own.  I impatiently awaited each new book in the series, in most cases preordering a copy from Chapters so that I could get it the day it came out. 

I also started looking for other books that she had written and each time I have been extremely happy. I just love the way she writes. She makes me laugh my ass off and cry.  My family knows that while I am reading something she has written, to just let me finish the damn thing and than I will take up my responsibilities again.  I have learned to never bring her books to work, as I did when I started her Blood Lily Chronicles series, as I will totally not get any work done and will get irritated if students interrupt my reading.

She has now started a new series, The Shadow Keepers,  under the name J.K. Beck that I am dying to read.  I have read an excerpt from the first story, When Blood Calls,  and have a strong feeling that I am going to love it.  I also received a copy from Julie to give away as a prize for my raffle.  Do you know how hard it was to have that book in my greedy little hands and not read it.  I was so proud of myself for never touching it : ) 

I could go on and on about how wonderful her writing is, what a kind and thoughtful women she is, but I will just suggest that you go and find some of her stuff. Trust me, you will not be disappointed!

I am totally excited about this new series, and want you to be as well.  Here is some information to get you started:

When Blood Calls
by J.K. Beck
August 31, 2010

Description: Sara Constantine is one of the country’s most tenacious prosecuting attorneys—and she’s just secured a well-earned promotion. At first she’s thrilled. Then she finds out her new job involves prosecuting vampires and werewolves. And nothing prepares Sara for the shock she receives when she meets the first defendant she’ll be trying to put away: Lucius Dragos, the sexy stranger with whom she recently shared an explosive night of ecstasy.

When Lucius Dragos kisses the beautiful woman sitting next to him at the bar, he’s only hoping to blend into the crowd and avoid the perceptive gaze of the man he’s following…and planning to kill. But what starts as a simple kiss to secure his cover ignites into a fierce hunger that leads to an all-consuming passion. Charged with murder, Luke knows Sara will do whatever it takes to see him locked away—unless he can convince her that he’s not the monster she thinks he is. And that might mean making the greatest sacrifice a vampire can make.

The Shadow Keeper Series
Julie's Books
Julie Kenner

And since I am receiving an ARC for review and to keep -- I decided the best way to get you all interested (and to selfishly get more people to love her so that she will write more books for me to get lost in) I am going to host a contest.  Please find the information below


A Copy of When Blood Calls by JK Beck
Open to wherever the BookDepository ships to
Ends August 21st
Must be a follower
Must leave a comment  with something about Julie Kenner, JK Beck or her books


  1. I think my earlier entry comment got lost somewhere in the ether... :( ,so repeating it here:

    I haven't read JK Becks yet so I'm kinda hoping that will be rectified soon ;)

    And ofcourse, we want to keep JK Beck writing! This is looking like a wonderful series!! *says the fantasy buff*

    Re-posted your contest at:


    I'm an old follower. My GFC name is Cherry.

    Cherry Mischievous
    mischivus101-warrior [at] yahoo [dot] com

  2. I haven't read any of her books, but if they get that much of a reaction from you, they must be good. The characters sound like I would really like them.
    I am a gfc follower.

  3. I haven't had a chance to read any of her books, but after reading the description, I will definitely be added her to my TBR pile!
    I'm a follower

  4. I saw this one today some where and immediately wanted it! I am a gfc follower.

  5. I haven't read any of her books either. But this one does sound pretty good.

    GFC follower

  6. I heard about this book awhile ago and put it down on my wishlist. I remember wanting to read the Demon Hunting Soccer mom books because it sounded like a grown-up Buffy series, but at the time, the first book wasn't out in ebook format and I only wanted to read it that way. Hmm, I'll have to check and see if it was finally released for Kindle.

    GFC follower
    jen at delux dot com

  7. Thay look like great book and so does the rest of her book adding them to my list of books to get .did she say that it may turn in to a movie the Demon hunting soccer mom I would watch it.
    I'm a Follower Via GFC

  8. This would be a new author for me, sounds good!

  9. I don't know what happened to my comments it keeps getting eaten... They don't show up here...???! I'm re-posting my comment again... I think this would be the third time...

    I haven't read any JK Beck yet and I'm kinda hoping it would get rectified soon :)

    Thank you for the chance to win when Blood Calls!

    Re-posted your contest at:


    I'm a follower. My GFC name is Cherry.

    Cherry Mischievous
    mischivus101-warrior [at] yahoo [dot] com

  10. I so want to read this:

  11. I had never heard of this author before, but this sounds incredible. I would love to read it! I follow on gfc. Thanks so much for the opportunity. :)

  12. i guess, i'm not the one who haven't read nor heard about this Author :)

    I'm always up to know a good new for me Author. and This book sounds really good ! enter me in please.

    - A follower !

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  13. I haven't read anything by this author before but I love the cover of the book!


    throuthehaze at gmail dot com

  14. Hey Jennifer! Thanks so much for posting this and doing the contest and spreading the word about the books! And thanks to all the folks who've commented!

    To answer a few questions: Yes, the Kate (demon hunting soccer mom) series is available for Kindle (YAY! Major kindle freak here!) and there is a movie in the works. Chris Columbus is currently writing the screenplay for 1492, and Carpe Demon is on 1492's current development slate (along with Killer Pizza and The Graveyard Book, so talk about some excellent company!). Any and all good wishes would be appreciated as Hollywood is, well, Hollywood and I'm firmly following the rule of don't buy the dress for the premier until you can smell the popcorn popping!

    As for the Shadow Keeper books...OMG, yes! Bantam did an amazing job on the covers!

  15. I love Julie! She is such an amazing author and person. I have been blessed to know her and her family and I am an avid follower of her. If I wasn't a poor college student, I would preorder all of her books too. :)

  16. Thanks for dropping by Julie! And you're welcome, its really selfish promotion so that you will keep writing books for me to read : )

  17. I am a follower. I have heard many great things about her books but i haven't read one yet. I would love to!!

  18. Hey, can't resist to want to read a good book by someone with the same cool name as me :)


    I'm a follower.

  19. congrats on the screenplay being written! i'm sure chris columbus will do a good job with it - i've always liked his work! i can't wait to read the new series! :)

    k_sunshine1977 at yahoo dot com

    i am a gfc follower

  20. Hey all! And shout out to Christina! Come to bookclub when you're home! And Julie, wow, what a cool name you have! Love CC's screenplays, too. Looking forward to reading this one :) And thanks again totally rock!