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Monday, August 30, 2010

In My Mailbox

For Review

The Adventures of Ook & Gluk & Bobby the Brave from Scholastic

Mockingjay from Scholastic

Nothing : (


Signed by Kathy Reichs for me
Signed for SWWR 2011

Karen Joyce mailed to me (ALA doesn't mail to Canadian Address')

People comment all the time how fun my office is at work, so here are a couple of picks -- Yes I know I am 40

Serenity, Casino Royale & Dr No Posters

Various Toys
Various Action Figures
Shushing Librarian
Giles, Buffy and Spike
Sawyer & Various Geek Action Figures
The Golden Compass & ALA Nathan Fillion Poster (YUMMY)
Robert Munsch & Melanie Watt Posters


  1. My kids and I liked Bobby the Brave and I also got Mockingjay, which I have yet to read. Looks like you have a fun working space! I bet your kids like going there.

  2. Mockingjay is quite violent, I liked it, but def it is the most violent of the series. My older boy is here this week and he keeps asking if I actually get paid to do my job

  3. I love your office! I want an office like that!

    lol@the random foot in the picture ;) I got Mockingjay for review this week too! I better get started on Hunger Games!

  4. Thanks Beth -- I'm glad I shaved that morning before I took the picture -- Also love that I can wear shorts and funky shoes to work -- Hunger Games is AWESOME -- get you to reading it now : )