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Monday, August 16, 2010

In My Mailbox

Sorry guys, no Mom and Me Mondays due to Jesse puking all over Bobby the Brave (Sometimes) just before I had a chance to read it. Scholastic is sending me out another copy which I will giveaway as a prize when I post the review.  Jake loved it though!

Well this is going to be a big post, since I have been away for a couple of weeks.

For Review
From HarperPerennial

Smart for Life and Underway Diet Products from Mom Central

Johnson's Natural Baby Lotion for Mom Central

A+D Diaper Cream/Protection Cream for Mom Central

From RT a Scholastic Tweet (I'm giving away the book here - ends today)

From Indigo's KidEditor on Twitter

From a contest through Maggie Stiefvater on Twitter

From the Sometimes Holland Feels Like Hell blog at

From Homemakers Magazine

Bought and Misc.
Because I am a true geek and love Nathan Fillion

3 Beast Quest books & various swag from my fav bookstore Forster's
Going to try & convince kids to do Mockingjay tattoo's

Got this chain mail from my buddy Nora, not sure if I am going to participate or not, these things usually irritate the hell out of me, but it's just a couple of lottery tickets and no bad mojo associated

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