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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Fergus Highland Games 2010 & Jen tried Haggis and LOVED it!

I love going to the Fergus Highland Games.  Lots of big heavy dudes wearing skirts and throwing heavy shit, what is not to love. Lots of wonderful celtic music, weird and yummy food, hot guys wearing kilts, bagpipes and just plain fun. I highly recommend you go next year if you are in the area.

Last year I got up the nerve to try Haggis.  Hey,I got some Scottish blood in me, I have to try it! But when I went to get some they were all SOLD OUT. 

So this year I was not going to miss my opportunity -- as soon as it was 11:30 I went straight to the stall that sold it and ordered both a Haggis Link AND a Haggis Pie.  And let me tell you -- I LOVED It.  The Haggis Link smelled like shite, but tasted incredible -- especially when I copied the guy beside me and dipped some of it in mustard.  After I finished it, I dug into the Haggis Pie (Sort of like a scottish meat pie but with haggis, piped potato and turip puree on top)  I wasn't too happy about the turnip puree on top, but I just mixed it in with a little mustard and pepper and I couldn't taste the turnip (that and there was only a wee little bit of it). The rest of the pie was delish that I ate it all up (and my tummy paid for it later let me tell you).  I am already looking forward to getting some next year!

If you are interested in the Festival check it out HERE

Here are some pics

Mrs Bridge's British Bakery (Home of the Haggis)

Haggis Link (I know it looks like a piece of shite -- and it smells like it too)

First Bite - excuse the ugly close up shot of yours truly - I really have a face for radio ; )

Jake was brave and tasted some and DID NOT like it.  Daddy did though (Jesse was asleep so he didn't try)

Scrumptious Haggis Pie

Various Shots of the Games

Jesse in the tshirt we got him from the games last year

Sexy boys

Trying to set up Jesse with Rob's daughter Morgan

"Och too much Haggis"

Too much excitement for wee Hamish (Jesse)

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