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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A+D Diaper Rash Ointment and Cream: Review (Plus Contest for Coupons)

Hey Guys

I signed up with Mom Central Canada a couple months ago and got a chance to review various products.  I love doing these sorts of things because I get to try out new stuff, give my honest opinion (since it isn't appreciated by my hubby and kids) on stuff and in many cases give companies some good honest constructive criticism on improving their products.  I do not get paid in any way (Damn, if I could just figure a way to get paid for my opinions) and I am brutally honest about what I think.  I think it is extremely important to be honest about what you think about these things, because if I sugar coat something and you buy it based on my review -- well that is just not nice -- and you know us Canadians -- we have to be nice (LOL!)  Here is a review of the 1st of 3 items I received.

A+D Diaper Rash Cream (Treatment) and A+D Diaper Rash Ointment (Preventative)

The Good Stuff
  • Love the tube it comes in.  Prevents too much coming out and from making a huge mess. Also makes it more hygienic because you are not re-dipping your finger into anything
  • Paraben-free
  • Easy to apply and Easy to wipe off
  • The Treatment really cleared up Jesse's diaper rash quickly and his adorable bottom hasn't been getting rashes since I started using the ointment.
  • Price isn't bad - $8.99 at Shoppers (+ you get your Shoppers Optimum Points) and $6.99 at Fortino's

The Bad Stuff
  • Jesse won't stay still while I put it on --- never mind, he won't stay still for ANY part of the diaper change
  • Have to carry 2 diaper creams in my bag -- Ok I don't have to, but I will

Jen's Review - 8.5/10

I have 4 coupons for $2 of their products to the 1st 4 people who make a comment -- Good for Canada only (Sorry my US and International pals)


  1. Love this stuff trying to find out who sells it in my area!

  2. I have seen it mostly at Shoppers Drug Mart - but you can always order online as well

  3. I have been to 4 Shoppers Drug Mart, and they don't have it. Help!!!

  4. Hey Stephanie I haven't seen it in a while either. I tried to link to the website and its gone as well. Maybe it has been discontinued. It was wonderful stuff that is such a shame if that is what happened