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Friday, July 16, 2010

Rayment Family Bookshelves

I love looking at other book bloggers bookshelves and thought what the heck why not post our families shelves. So here they are

Jen's Bookshelf #1

Jen's Bookshelf #2a (had to do separate pictures of shelves due to location of bookshelf)

Jen's Bookshelf #2b

Jen's Bookshelf #2c

Signed Books #1

Coffee table book that cannot be put on the coffee table as Jesse might try and eat it -- and we don't want him to drool on his "real" daddy (Hey I got preggers because of red wine and a viewing of Casino Royale)


Jake's Bookshelf #1

Jake's Bookshelf #2

Jesse's Bookshelf (Filled with Jake's hand me down books)

Jesse's chew toys (like he is actually going to open them up)

and Finally - Jeff's bookshelf - My hubby doesn't like to read, but he got these because he thought they were cute books.  BTW, he reads to Jake all the time, eventhough he doesn't like books - and that is why I love him : )


  1. I love seeing pictures of other peoples book shelves! When I eventually clear out my room I'll have to take some pictures of mine.

    It always makes me happy to see kids who have bookshelves. Not enough kids read, and not enough parents encourage them. So it's great to see people actively encouraging their children to read :)

    lmao @ "real" daddy ;)

  2. Thanks for sharing! You have a house full of books - love it :)

  3. Thanks guys! I love showing off my shelves -- if I ever won the lottery I would have the most awesome personal library (a whole room) in the world.

    Beth -- you should see how many of those kids books I had even before I got pregnant. I used to read to my 1st born while he was still in my tummy. I didn't with the 2nd since I was too busy being sick and tired all the time -- and he doesn't like books -- hmm I wonder. Each time I try to read to him he grabs the book and throws it -- I am soo ashamed ; )