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Friday, July 9, 2010

Bad Marie by Marcy Dermansky: Book Review

Bad Marie
by Marcy Dermansky
ISBN: 978-0-06-191471-3

Description: "Bad Marie" is the story of Marie, tall, voluptuous, beautiful, thirty years old, and fresh from six years in prison for being an accessory to murder and armed robbery. The only job Marie can get on the outside is as a nanny for her childhood friend Ellen Kendall, an upwardly mobile Manhattan executive whose mother employed Marie's mother as a housekeeper. After Marie moves in with Ellen, Ellen's angelic baby Caitlin, and Ellen's husband, a very attractive French novelist named Benoit Doniel, things get complicated, and almost before she knows what she's doing, Marie has absconded to Paris with both baby and husband. On the run and out of her depth, Marie will travel to distant shores and experience the highs and lows of foreign culture, lawless living, and motherhood as she figures out how to be an adult; how deeply she can love; and, what it truly means to be bad.

The Good Stuff
  • Author has a gift for the written word, she's definitely extremely talented
  • fascinating character study
  • Very unusual and a little dark
  • The main character is not a very nice character but you still sort of wish the best for her
  • darkly funny at times

The Not so Good Stuff
  • It's not my type of read
  • Dislike most of the characters in the book with the exception of Marie, and quite frankly not sure why I wanted her to suceed, but I'm guessing that is due to the talent of the writer
  • Story just sort of ends. Again I like a more concrete and happy ending but that is just me - don't let it stop you from reading
  • What happens to the cat, hey I'm sensitive when it comes to pets and animals
Favorite Quotes/Passages

"The situation would have been humiliating had Marie any ambition in life"
"Marie, of course,  had note killed anyone, but the other prisoners had not held this against Marie. It was nothing like jail on television."

"She wanted to breathe. She came up for air. It was all very romantic for Virginie to poetically disasppear off the page, but the ending of Virginie at Sea, it was complete and utter bullshit."

What I Learned
  • Prison can be comforting to a certain type of person
  • Paris is not as glamorous as you think
  • The French are rather arrogant and rude
Who should/shouldn't read
  • Not for those who like adventure and romance in their books
  • More for the jaded and intellectual reader

3.5 Dewey's
I recieved this book from Harper Perennial in return for an honest review

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