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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yes, We're Airlifting Books to Needy School Libraries in L.A. - from Canada

So I'm figuring by now you know that I love Libraries, books, authors and charities -- so this post should be no surprise to you faithful readers  --- unless you just come by to look for contests (no judging I'm one of those too at some blogs) than you will have no frickin idea why I am writing this

One of my FAV Canadian children's authors (my god we have tons of amazing kids authors in Canada -- makes up for all that serious and depressing Canadian adult literature) Helaine Becker (My son is also a big fan),  is doing something amazing to help out some needy school libraries in LA. She has organized a airlifting of books to needy school libraries in L.A., USA.  For an explanation of why she is doing this see the info and go to her blog.

The following information is from her blog, please go there for further info

Why should we – and by the word 'we,' here, I mean Canadian kids' authors and supporters of Canadian literature – participate in this project? i.e., why should You?????

Here’s my thinking:

1. Because there are kids that need books. Period.

2. But Helaine! Aren’t there kids who need books closer to home? Yes. Of course. But by sending books to LA, we can get LOTS of publicity for the dire straits school libraries are in. Rebecca has appeared on Oprah, on NBC, and has had tea at the White House with Laura Bush (whom she asked why W wasn't sent to another bedroom for what’s been allowed to happen in US school libraries). My hope and expectation is that this story will get picked up by major news outlets across the hemisphere.

3. We can also get lots of publicity for us, for Canada, for Canadian children’s authors, and Canadian children’s publishers. In Canada and outside of Canada. I will be writing a press release that will go out all across North America (and Sandra and Rebecca will write their own, with slightly different slants) that will present our points of view and list all of the contributing author’s names, book titles contributed etc.

If you send me short snappy quotes about how you feel about this topic, I can include them in the release and maybe they’ll get included in articles that get written. You never know.

So now I know you want to join this project. Here’s what you need to do. It’s practically nothing!!!!

1. Choose a current Canadian book that’s in new or almost new condition and is appropriate for inclusion in a school library (up to high school).

2. Sign it (if you wrote it).

3. Take a digital photo of it before you mail it, or email me a picture of the cover. We will post this on the #airlifttoLA Facebook page.

3. Mail or drop off the book(s) to me. Email me at for delivery instructions.

4. Please mark the outside of the package with the genre of book – YA, Picture book, middle grade chap, nf, what have you. I’m going to pre-sort the books to make them easier to catalogue at the other end.


I know, that’s not a lot of time, but we have decided the best time to do this event is AUGUST 30, the first day of school in Compton, California, where the books are destined. We need to make sure the books have arrived in California for that date.

Please please please consider joining me in this endeavour.

Please forward this email, tweet, facebook update etc. to everyone you know who has an interest in books, equity, school libraries, literacy, reading, writing, children, education….Remember, the delivery of the books to needy kids is the #1 point. But point #1a is the publicity we can generate for the issue of school libraries in trouble. By sending books to LA, my hope is we can also help improve the situation right here in Canada.

Thanks in advance for your help!!!


Thanks guys! Jen

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