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Monday, June 28, 2010

WINNERS for Spina Bifida Spirit Wheel Walk Run

Hi Everyone

I will post later with the amounts raised and who won the prizes for the most referrals.  But for now here are the list of prize winners.  Most of the winners were picked by some of the kids that took part in the walk.  Even my little one Jesse got to pick

 Jesse (way past naptime)
 My Lovely Assistant

Everything was done fairly with the drawings observed by all those who took part in the event.  I was offered bribes -- but I cannot be bribed (Well unless someone wants to bring me Nathan Fillion -- than we can talk)

Thank you to everyone who donated and bought tickets, it means so much to my family and to other families living with the challenges of Spina Bifida.  Ok, I know, I know -- just tell us who fricken won!

Prize Pack #1 (Kelly Armstrong Books): Felicia (thehistorychick)
Prize Pack #2 (MJ Davidson Books): Angela Hunter
Prize Pack #3 (Illona Andrews): Kynyn Doughty
Prize Pack #4 (YA Pack): Joan Kavanagh
Prize Pack #5 (Jen's Fav #1): Phyllis Campbell
Prize Pack #6 (Jen's Fav #2): Natasha Barnes
Prize Pack #7 (Men's Pack): Carl Gustaw
Prize Pack #8 (Naughty but Nice): Holly Reid
Prize Pack #9 (Helaine Becker): Holly Reid
Prize Pack #10 (Scholastic/Klutz Pack): Lydia Morrison
Prize Pack #11 (Cooking Pack): Tracy Porter
Prize Pack #12 (Jen's Favorite Things): Natasha Armstrong
Prize Pack #13 (Kids Books): Pam Seidel
Prize Pack #14 (Scrapbooking): Pam Seidel

I will be emailing all winners, so keep a look out


  1. Congrats to all the winners! And thanks to Jen for highlighting and promoting such a great charity!

    I'll have to remember to use the Nathan Fillion card for next time ;)

  2. Congratulations to the winners! A very worthy cause!