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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

CSN Stores Review

So I got contacted  back in May by Ashley at CSN stores and she had generously afforded my blog readers and myself an opportunity to review an item of our choice from one of their hundreds of stores.

It was a hard choice to make since they have thousands of items that were of interest to me. So since I couldn't make up my mind I let the winner of the contest choose what item we would both receive.  Let me tell you I am so glad that Celeste won since I was in desperate need of a new diaper bag and  too cheap to go out and buy a new one.

The item Celeste chose was the Carter's Tonal Dot Tote Diaper Bag in Black / Pink

I have to be honest  before Ashley contacted me I knew nothing about CSN - other than the fact that a lot of other bloggers were hosting contests for them.  Now I am definitely a fan, the ordering was simple and quick and the delivery even in Canada was outrageously quick.  The prices are great and tons of items have free shipping so it really is an economical to shop with them.  My only complaints are the "International Fee's" for Canada which I consider to be outrageously high, so please if you are Canadian make sure you take that fee into consideration when purchasing. In most cases even with the fee, the items are cheaper than anywhere else.   My other complaint, and  not just with CSN, is the amount of packaging for items. Seriously, the item was not breakable and could be packed in way less packaging than it was. I forgot to take a picture, but you can see what I mean in my buddy Natasha's post on her CSN purchase.

Now as for the Diaper bag, I love it.  It is the perfect size for taking to Jesse's daycare everyday and for day trips and even an overnight trip. There are the right amount of pockets for everything and it is really durable.  I even love the little cell phone holder that comes with it (I use it daily in my backpack for my cell phone protection -- hint hint people I REALLY could use a new backpack -- something that an adult would carry)

My hubby hates the colour and cannot figure out why I would have chose pink when I have two boys - and one gets called a girl at times -- but for god sakes I live with all boys -- I need me a little girly thank you  very much -- now piss off and make me some dinner husband.

Here are some pics of it

 Love the changing pad, very stylish

Handy bag (attached) good for snacks or toiletries & snazzy little cell phone holder for protection from grubby little hands (I use this day to day in my backpack when I am commuting to work)

 Lots of space and pockets to hold everything (Even roomy enough to hold your trashy romance novel for when your little angel has a nap in the stroller)

And just because they are so damn cute, here is a pic of the BOY's that this bag is for (older has Spina Bifida and needs toileting supplies)

Thank you so much CSN!


  1. I think the diaper bag is very cool and I love the pink!
    The amount of packaging places use drives me so crazy that I always try to buy at a local store. Of course, my hubby is addicted to Amazon so I still have to put up with an insane amount of packing material (they are the worst!)

  2. Amazon is bad too, I have heard others complain as well. I've only ever ordered from and it was only a book, so it wasn't that bad. I love the pink too!