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Sunday, June 20, 2010

UPDATE Raffle for the Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Association of Ontario- UPDATED


New Payment Option (Not a huge fan of this idea, since you guys don't know if I am legit or not and I don't like to encourage people to pay someone that they don't know, but that being said if you want a  chance at raffle tickets and don't want to go to charity site, I will accept payment through Paypal - If this works for you just email me at jennifer DOT rayment AT humbercollege DOT com and I will send you directions)

Have also shortened the post since people were saying it was too frickin long.
US and Canada (Sorry International unless you want to pay for shipping) only unless otherwise mentioned.

Raffle ends June 26th

Hi Everyone

As most of you know my 1st born son, Jacob, was born with Spina Bifida.  I won't go into much detail since you can find out more about our joys and tribulations of living with the challenges of Spina Bifida here

An organization called the Spina bifida and hydrocephalus association of Ontario has been an invaluable help to us on so many occasions that I take part in their annual Spirit Wheel Walk Run event each year.  The work I do for the event will hopefully help pay them back for all the assistance they have provided to our family and other families just like us.  Please give generously and just remember even $5 can help make a difference.

To thank people for donating to my annual Spirit Wheel Walk Run event I am hosting a raffle.  For EVERY $5 you donate to the cause you can choose a chance to get one of the items listed in the form

I also want to thank all the generous author's, blogger's, publishers and companies that donated to this wonderful event.  We couldn't have done this without you!

You can make your donations in person, or on the following site.  Choose Donate NOW
and under Fund Designation choose 2010 SWWR: Jakes Journey (Rayment Family) - THEY ACCEPT PAYPAL TOO

Here are some of the pictures of the prizes. In some cases I have not yet received the actual item, so I have posted a generic picture of the item.

Item #1 Signed Books: Kelly Armstrong

Item #2 Signed Books: MJ Davidson

Item #3 Signed Illona Andrews (4 Books)

Item #4 YA Pack: Hunger Games, Catching Fire, Shiver (Signed) & Hush Hush (Signed)

Item #5 Jen's Fav's #1: Signed JK Beck ARC, Signed Jennifer Estep, 2 Signed Books by Bertrice Small and Jo Beverly

Item #6 Jen's Fav's #2: Charlaine Harris,Jeaniene Frost & Marta Acosta (All Signed)

Item #7 Men's Pack: Clint Eastwood Collection, Patrick Rothfuss (Signed) and Drew Hayden Taylor (Signed)

Item #8 Naughty but Nice:  2 Jill Myles, Bertrice Small & RG Alexander (All Signed)

Item #9 Helaine Becker Pack (All Signed) 

Item #10 Scholastic Kids Pack

Item #11 Library Baskets: Various Books & Cooking Items (contact me if you want details)

Item #12 A few of Jen's Favorite Things: Massage, Wine, Aloette Body products & books

Item #13 Kids Book Basket (contact me if you want details)

Item #14 Scrapbooking Pack (contact me if you want details)

Please fill out the following form AFTER you have made the donation. This raffle is separate from the donation form so just make the donation and than come back here.  Canada Helps has nothing to do with the actual raffle.  Also since I am not tech savy and could not figure out how to do multiple entries for one prize -  if you donate over $5 and want all your raffle tickets to go to one prize only, put it in the comment box at the end of the form.

Put other daily promotion of raffle in comments section and will add to your total

Please pass this on to everyone you know! 
 Here is a pic of my boys

Jeff (I know he's a Habs fan, but I still love him), Jesse and Jacob at Zoo May 2010


  1. Hey! Don't worry too much about not having very many entries... I would wait for a couple of Fridays to go buy, because I know I won't be able to do anything until pay day!! I am looking forward to picking my raffle entries though!! :D

  2. Well, I tried to donate. I entered my CC 5 times and it says it was incorrect every single time. I tried another and it said the same. So I guess I'm just not meant to :( I'm disappointed I won't be able to participate though. I hope you have lots of participants!

  3. wonderful idea. I'll try and donate asap.


  4. Hey Candace

    Sorry about all the problems with the Canada Helps website, you are definitely not the first either. Last year so many people just ended up giving me cash and than putting in their name. I was hoping it was better this year

  5. Hey Lauren

    Thanks, I appreciate it and good luck in the raffle!

  6. Yeah, I was really excited about this. I'm surprised more aren't donating, but maybe it's because they had problems? I had to deal with a big issue with the bank and I'd thought it had gone through, but it wasn't on our statement. I can't deal with all those calls again and a hold being put on our card. (It got a hold put on it and we left on vacation, talk about horrors!) If you have another way to donate (paypal, preferably) I would be happy to send some. Thanks!

  7. Oh, I would be happy to make a post about the raffle on my blog. When are you thinking to end it?

  8. I guess people did not aware of this before. I just realized this post this afternoon when you sent out the email. I just made a donation online. Also, when I was on that page, I did not see the option pay by paypal. Not sure if it is the reason why people not donating.

    Just want to ask, for the prize pack for local pick up only, is it means pick up in Toronto or where? Thanks

  9. I tweeted about this and hope that it will help!

  10. I know the charity website that the SB&H use, is awful and so many people have had problems with it -- especially those outside of Canada. I have put an option on the post now that you can donate directly to me through my paypal account -- not my favorite idea as I mention in the blog, but it at least gives a less time consuming and stressful method of payment. Thanks for all of your suggestions and will be putting your names in for the special draw : )

  11. okay, I just submitted my entries. thanks and good luck!!

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  12. I stumbled across your blog and wanted to say hi.
    Take a minute an check my blog out if you haven't already.
    I have lots of great giveaways going on.
    Thanks :)

  13. Just got in there before this closes! This is a fantastic idea for such a great cause!

    I just donated and I wish you the best of luck with your fund-raising! :)