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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Shadow Girl of Birch Grove by Marta Acosta: Mini Review

Ok, guys, I have to make this quick. I'm at work and I REALLY should be getting some work done since I am off  tomorrow.  But I had to write something about this story and also pass it on to any other readers that may be interested.  I am going to try something different and do a point form review -- quick and easy for us busy bloggers.  Would also love to have comments on this style of review

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The Shadow Girl of Birch Grove
by Marta Acosta

Good Stuff
  • Main character is a strong young adult who has been through hell and survived and become better because of it -- she is NO victim. (Very different from most YA books)
  • author is fantastic at setting the gothic mood of the story- Lots of thrills and chills!
  • authors wit and sense of humor is wickedly apparent even though the storyline is more serious than her other works
  • Could not put the damn thing down even though I should have been getting healthy dinner ready & ended up having to order Pizza (bad mother).  It was just such an absorbing tale --trust me - you will feel the same
  • Great friendships between the main character and her friends. Very realistic!
  • Lovable and unusual secondary characters such as Mary Violet and her mother
  • Very realistic portrayal of foster care and what often happens to older less cute children.
  • Description of Birch Grove is so well done, it feels real.  You close your eyes and you feel like you are there.
  • Marta Acosta's brilliant take on vampires 

Not so good stuff
  • Negative portrayal of Librarian (Hey I am one so I am a little sensitive when they are portrayed badly)
  • Introduces spectacular characters that you rarely hear of again (Wilde and Orneta)
  • Wish it was made into 2 books so you could read more about the secondary characters mentioned in the point above
  • I cannot buy a physical copy of the book (damn editors/publishers)
Great Quotes/Passages

The poem written by Mary Violet

Ode to an Artistic Mother
"Your cupcakes are tender and quite delish,
But won't you grant your childrens wish?
A mother's love is what we cherish
So please no coconut as pubic harish,
Nor gummy worms as labial lips
Or any substance for a clitoris.
We firmly support your creative expressions
But vulva cupcakes will cause insurrection.

Who Should Read
  • Young Adult Readers who enjoy paranormal story-lines
  • Adult fans of paranormal fiction
  • Anyone who enjoys a good old fashioned tale
  • Anyone with a sense of humor and a love of Gothic type novels
  • Those who have spent time in a foster care environment will really empathize with the heroines plight. 
  • Readers of Marta Acosta, Julie Kenner, Jennifer Estep, etc.
Rating - 4.5 Deweys (Sorry still working on the Graphic thing -- see post)


  1. Hi, Jennifer, thanks for the kind review! Sorry about the Bad Librarian, but he wasn't a regular librarian. Besides I say nice things about librarians in my Casa Dracula series.

    So glad you enjoyed my young adult gothic!

  2. No problem Marta, just gave my honest opinion -- and was only kidding about the librarian -- some of the library staff I have worked with over the years -- are just like the Bad Librarian -- hmmm sounds like an Adult movie : )