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Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Wife's Affair by Nancy Woodruff: Review

My Wife's Affair 
by Nancy Woodruff
Penguin Group
ISBN: 978-0-399-15629-8
269 Pages

Description: Georgie and Peter, very much in love, move to London with their three children. Once there, Georgie's dormant acting career takes off and she wins the role of Dora Jordan in a one-woman show. Dora Jordan was the most famous comic actress of the eighteenth century (she had thirteen illegitimate children, including ten by the future king of England).

As Georgie rehearses for her part, she becomes increasingly drawn to Dora Jordan, who she sees as a working mother with struggles exactly like her own. And when Georgie can no longer fight her attraction to the playwright, she begins an affair with tragic results.

Narrated by Peter, a failed-writer-turned-businessman, My Wife's Affair is about infidelity, passion, duty, and about finally getting what you want and then wanting still more.

Ok, this one is going to be a hard one to review and  would have much rather reviewed it before I read the final two chapters. It is going to so difficult to explain what I didn't like about this book without giving anything away (which is something I totally dislike in a review)  I will try my best!

Good Stuff
  • Beautifully written, but tragic
  • The narrator's obvious love for his wife is so beautifully described
  • The narrator's wife is wonderfully theatrical (although quite the self involved tramp)
  • The character of Fergus is delightful with his wise comments and constant questions
  • Painfully uncomfortable and realistic portrayal of a marriage and of the tediousness of being a parent
  • Portrayal of the life in the theatrical world is fascinating
  • Historically accurate and makes me want to know more about Dora Jordan
  • Haunting tale of betrayal, passion and not being satisfied with what you have

Not So Good Stuff
  • The frickin last two chapters.  Let's rip out your heart, stamp on it, and than stamp on it again. Way too depressing for my sensitive nature
  • I repeat, the last two chapters!
  • Irritated at times with how much of a drama queen the wife was

What I Learned (some spoilers in this - don't read if you don't want TMI)
  • Cheating bad -- don't do it!  Especially with boring sounding English guys.
  • My god, I really really want to visit England
  • Actors are extremely selfish and self involved
  • I really don't like to read things that involve bad things happening to children (oh never mind, we already know how much I hate that)
  • Loved the scenes of the play within the story, made me want to see the fictional play
Favorite Quotes and Passages

"We try, we husbands and fathers, we really do.  I just want to tell you that.  We may not find the perfect triceratops pajamas on sale four months before the birthday"

"Peter, Peter, the world is a girl you're trying to get to sleep with you, and you'll never succeed if  you tell her your failures"

"And yet had she known what was going to happen to her, to us, I know she would gladly have traded each moment of passion for decades of the tedium she then so fiercely attacked"

"It is inconceivable to me now that I could stand in a room with this man who in a matter of weeks would be F*****g my wife-who probably was thinking of nothing but that as we talked"

"Oh, Georgie, weren't there already enough of us who adored you? Why did you need one more"

Who Should Read
  • Not for the sensitive reader due to last 2 chapters
  • Those with a love for the theatre and English theatrical  history
  • Those enjoy stories of scenes from a life
  • Not for those who enjoy happy endings

(3 Dewey's: Not bad try borrowing from friend or library) 

 I received this book from a Member's Giveaway from Library Thing


  1. Very interesting! This would sounds like a book for me, definitely. And when you say that the last two chapters were depressing, do you think it's enough to make me cry? Haha. I actually hav e a thing for books that make me cry. It's odd. But this sounds like a good book and I'll definitely give it a try! :D

  2. I like the layout of your reviews. This one sounds interesting. The cover is so dramatic.