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Monday, April 5, 2010

Mom and Me Mondays: Silver Birch Edition (You are Weird)

You are Weird: your body's particular Parts and Funny Functions
by Diane Swanson
Illustrated by Kathy Boake
Kids Can Press
ISBN: 978-1-55453-282-7
39 Pages
Ages: 8-12

Description: Your body sports more hair than a gorilla. About 600 different species of bacteria are living in your mouth. Your head is full of holes. Back when you were a two-month-old embryo, you had a tail. Face it -- you are weird! All these wonderfully weird body features make us human. They also show that we're part of an animal kingdom whose members share a lot more than the same planet. This book tackles those weird questions that everyone's curious about but nobody seems able to answer. What does your appendix do? What exactly are goose bumps and why do we get them? Why can some people wiggle their ears? You Are Weird answers these questions plus many more, backing up answers with the latest scientific theories. Take a guided tour around our oddball organs and freaky body functions that make us who we are -- wacky, wonderful and weird, weird, weird.

Jakes Review: This book is gross but in a really cool way.  I really liked the funny pictures.  (Mom's note: Jake made me look at each and every picture to illustrate his point -- laughing at each one)  Some of the pictures were gross and some were even spooky looking, but I still liked them. I like that there are sort of experiments that you can do which explains some of the stuff the author talks about.  Mom, our bodies do some really gross stuff -- think they should have a chapter on how kids with spina bifida have to poo.
Rating: 8/10

Moms Review: What an awesome book for school age boys, I cannot think of one boy who would not totally love this book.  I liked the fact that Jake learned lots of interesting things, but didn't realize he was learning. These are the best types of books!  Jake made me pull out one of my hairs from my head to illustrate exactly what the book was talking about -- seriously the things I do in the name of good parenting.  Some of those with delicate stomachs may not enjoy this book, as it does describe some of the nastier things that the human body does.  Lots of neat "freaky" facts that will be great for kids to pass on to their buddies at recess time or to mom and dad at dinner time.  This would be a great addition to public libraries and schoo libraries -- and I think I may even get a copy for Jake since he enjoyed it so much. He could find some really gross stuff to talk to Uncle Steve (has a low ick factor and the poor bastard is married to a nurse) about at dinner.  There is also lots of stuff that you know you will be a trivia question you might have to answer some day.
Rating: 9/10

The above is from the James Boltons Schools library and Jake had to read it for homework

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