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Monday, April 12, 2010

Mom and Me Mondays: Scholastic Edition

Zac Power: Tomb of Doom

by H.I. Larry
Scholastic Canada
ISBN: 978-1-4431-0253-7
90 Pages
Ages: 7-9

Description: Zac's family holiday is boooooring… until he gets his latest mission: Find and rescue a top GIB agent missing near the Vanishing Tomb somewhere in the Amber Sands. The tomb keeps vanishing and once inside, booby traps are everywhere. Zac will need more than a bag full of super-cool gadgets to complete the mission… and get out alive!

Jake's Review: Mom all books for boys my age should have pictures in it, don't authors know that boys prefer books with pictures. I wish this one had more pictures, but it was pretty good anyway. I liked that he was a little boy in a family of spies and they got to do tons of cool things. He also had some really neat gadgets which is seriously wicked. It was an exciting story that I wanted to keep reading so that I could find out what happens. It figures the girl spy was bad, girls make good bad guys (moms note: Hey I'm a girl!) because they are always doing tricky things. Mom, are there any more Zac Power books because I want to read more about his adventures. I think its funny that his mom's code name is "Bum Smack".
Rating: 10/10

Mom's Review: Fantastic book for boys, especially around Jake's age and even a year or two younger. The story is extremely fast paced with tons of action and humour to keep a young boy or reluctant reader interested. I agree with Jake, add in a few pictures like the author did, and you keep them even more involved. It was a delightful read for me as well, and found myself wanting to be a boy spy. Zac Power is sort of a young version of a cross between James Bond and Indiana Jones. There are great gadgets for the kids to read about like the Bandage be gone, Mirage Filter and the Pyramid Panic game that is actually a map to the pyramid. There is also tons of smart alecy humour that they will love. Parents reading it to their kids will also get a kick out of some of his MacGyver moments like using hair gel to fix a statute. Also as Jake mentioned having the double agent be a girl was an inspired idea since boys his age think girls are evil. My only complaint and it is a little one, that there was too much reliance on gadgets for Zac to use to get out of scrapes. I would have liked him to figure out things a little more, but Hey, I'm a mom, I need there to be some more educational moments ; )
Rating: 9/10

Young Zeus 
by G. Brian Karas
Scholastic Press
ISBN: 978-0-439-72806-5
Ages: 4+

Description: This is the story of how young Zeus, with a little help from six monsters, five Greek gods, an enchanted she-goat, and his mother, became god of gods, master of lightning and thunder, and ruler over all. in doing so, he learned a lot about family. Who knew that having relatives could be so complicated, even for a god?

Jake's Review: Mom why is everybody half naked? Mom did you see the naked butt on the boy that Cronos ate -- that was funny? I don't like that Cronos ate his kids, why wouldn't he go to prison. Why would his family let him get away with that. Zeus' brother's and sister's are selfish, bossy and not very nice. Stories about Mythology are kinda violent aren't they (mom's note - wait to you read the original Grimms fairy tales) I liked the story but the pictures are kinda creepy -- though some of them are kinda funny. Not for little kids, Jesse would pee his pants if he read this one
Rating: 6/10

Mom's Review: An interesting introduction to the story of Zeus. I would personally say that it is more for an older readers like at least age 7, since I think the story would be lost on anyone younger. Also I think the idea of Cronos eating his children would frighen a younger reader. I have to be honest, the story was nicely done, but the artwork bothered me. I found it almost blah and I think most children would get bored by it, but that is just MY opinion. I also found the artwork almost uneven in terms of consistency and depth, but I am not an art major so I leave you to judge this for yourself. Again I know I am going on and on about the artwork, but it is very violent looking as well. I honestly don't think it is appropriate for a 4 year old and I am definitely not a prude.
Rating: 5.5/10

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