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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lottery Dreams

On Tuesday last week I made the unfortunate mistake of not having anything to read (sniff sniff) for the tedious bus ride home to the middle of nowhere.  So instead of having a nap or chatting with the loud and obnoxious women beside me I decided to dream about what I would do if I won the lottery.  It got me thinking that I would love to hear from everybody else on what their dreams would be -- about winning the lottery -- not those naughty ones about Ryan Reynold (yummy) and a can of whip cream.  So please I want to hear what YOU would do.

So to start you all off, If I won bazillions of dollars, I would do the following:

  • Quit my job (even though I do really like it) so I could be a stay at home mom to Satan and Beazulbub
  • Fund a research lab at Sick Kids to find a cure for spina bifida, so that my son, and all the other kids living with spina bifida,  never have to wear a diaper ever again
  • Buy a beautiful property with tons of land and build a separate building to house my dream library. You know one of those libraries with 2 floors, dark wood book cases that have a ladder and lots of comfy places to read. Also has to have one of those stand up globes that open up into a liquor cabinet -- stocked with lots of Baileys.  It would be stocked with every book you could think of and tons of first edition and signed copies. It would be named after my father David Porter, since he was a genuine good man, funny guy and introduced me to books and the love of a good tale.
  • Travel to all the places I have dreamed of going like England, Scotland, New Zealand, Bora Bora, Bucharest,  Ryan Reynolds or Nathan Fillions bedroom
  • Have a maid and driver 
  • When both kids are full time in school I would go back to school to become a Librarian, so I would never have to explain the difference between being a Library Technician and a Librarian.  And yes you do go to University to be a Librarian and NO they do not have a Shushing 101 or how to put your hair up in a bun course!
  • Adopt Lindsay Lohan and get her some serious mental help and keep her far away from her parents
  • Get a serious makeover so I don't look like such a slob
  • No I would not get a nose job, even-though it would make me look better, because it gave me my sense of humor -- though might get a butt job (for my lack of one) so it would easier to find pants that fit
  • Help my family and friends so they would have less stress . Would pay for my Niece and Nephews schooling, buy Rich and Natasha a house, etc. 
  • Oh yeah and get one of those super cool ereaders!
OK - now its your turn -- bring on your dreams. Who knows if I win the lottery, I might just be able to help you all


  1. Aww!! Well, I would buy you a house too!!!
    1) Pay off all of my debt - feel the weight come off of my shoulders
    2) Buy a house or condo to live in while we build our custom house
    3) Travel while house is being built
    4) Help my dad out with a new house
    5) Oh, did I mention quit my job?
    6) Finish schooling, and become a librarian.
    7) Find a job I love, or fund a library in a place that needs it.
    8) If I don't finish my schooling, I would open a bookstore.
    9) Have fun!

  2. Ohhh- nice dreams! I like that you would stay home with Satan and Bealzubub! A cure for your son and others would be splendid!
    I wouldn't mind a big library but I think I might like a bookstore more! And I would sell the books at a low price or give away the books I read!