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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Deadly Sister by Eliot Schrefer: Book Review

The Deadly Sister
by Eliot Schrefer
ISBN: 978-0545165747
352 Pages

Description: Abby Goodwin has always covered for her sister. Maya's screw ups started out ordinary enough: Broken curfews. Failed classes. Hanging out with the wrong crowd. But now Maya's been accused of murder. And Abby's not sure she'll be able to cover for her anymore. Abby's certain of Maya's innocence--but she's the only one. With the police closing in, Abby helps Maya escape...and then starts investigating, hoping to clear her sister's name. What she finds, though, shows how deadly her sister can truly be. From the author of The School for Dangerous Girls comes a page-turning thriller about the things we do for family--and the limits we can reach.

Good Stuff
  • Suspensful
  • Good twists and turns
  • Lots of teen angst and drama
  • Realistic portrayal of family dynamics
  • clever dialogue makes me want to read other works by author
  • Fast paced story keeps you interested in reading more (Especially when you should be working)
  • You really become emotionally attached to main character
  • Pleasantly surprised that male author portrays a female so realistically (I know sexist). Thinking he must have a teenage daughter
  • Twisted and dark at times (yes that can be a good thing)
  • Really loved how the author talked about when someone dies how automatically people forget how the person really was (warts and all) and make them out to be saints - especially true when it involves a teen
Not So Good Stuff
  • Not enough humour for me  - I know picky, picky (honestly though, probably a good idea in this case not to have too much humour)
  • Adults are portrayed as pretty much useless (Than again, to teens that is probably how it seems)
  • Wasn't completely satisfied with ending
What I Learned

  • Hard to be a big sister (I'm the baby in the family)
  • Drugs are bad
  • Have to make sure I listen to my kids when they grow into teens (Terrifies me that they one day will be teens)
Favorite Quotes/Passages

 "I might have protected her forever, until Jefferson Andrews showed up dead"

"You thinking of coming in here, than you better get ready for a bunch of dead teenagers"

Who Should Read
  • Teens between 13 - 18
  • Parents of teens between 13 - 18 
  • YA Mystery/Suspense readers
  • Not for sensitive younger readers due to violence, drugs and hints of sexuality

4 Deweys (Worth the price of the cover)
    I received the book from Scholastic in return for an honest review


    1. Ooh, this one looks great and I haven't heard of it yet. I'm always up for a good mystery!

    2. this book is awesome read it but i didnt read all of it coz im doing a school project on it so if you read it can you tell be wat happens at the end, i know how killed jefferson but i dont know how people found out and wat happened when people did find out ?????