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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Amanda Reviews for Avatar

One of my favorite people sent me her review of Avatar and it made me howl out loud, here it is for your amusement

Avatar - Review by Amanda VanMierlo

Europeans screwed over Native Americans. James Cameron thinks the best way to make himself feel more important is to make a movie about it only with smurfs.

Army guy has to be a blue thing because his brother croaked. Army guy feels loyal to army captain guy. Says he will get info for captain guy. Army guy gets lost in the woods of Smurfville. Girl smurf tries to kill him but floating jellyfish stops her. Girl smurf saves army guy's life from angry panther dogs. Smurf girl, (a.k.a Pocahontas) brings army guy (John Smith) to elders. Elders tell her that he is her responsibility.

Smurf girl and army guy fall in love. Army guy doesn't give captain guy info anymore. Captain gets mad at all of the hippies and tears some trees and shit down. Army guy goes all "oh no you didn't". Viewer feels bad because all of the nature is getting owned.

Army guy predictably does something that only a handful of legendary smurfs have done and saves the day. The end.

She also suggested the following:


  1. Lol. I loved this review! I completely agree.

  2. My reaction? WHAT???? I haven't paid much attention...guess I should get my nose out of the books now and then! LOL