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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Review of Just Dance for Wii by Ubisoft

Just Dance
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft Paris
Genre(s): Dancing
Players: 4 
ReceivedFree from Bzz Agent for review Purposes - Retails for about $39 Cdn

I was very excited about getting a copy of this to review, but I was quite disappointed.  Jeff, Jake and I put Jesse to bed a couple of weeks ago and than ran (and I mean ran) downstairs excited to try this one out. 

Boy that excitement died out pretty quickly. The graphics are extremely amateurish, considering all the developments in the gaming industry.  There are only approximately 30 songs, that I am sure we will get tired of them pretty quickly and the game itself doesn't measure your performance accurately.  I imagine this is due to the fact that there are no peripherals. Instead the game uses the Wiimote to judge how well you mirror the movements of the on-screen figure. Since Jake and I, hmm how to put this nicely, have the dance skills of an infant, I can't say how accurate the read the game gets is, but honestly it seems pretty random.  Many a time I scored higher than Jeff, who actually has rhythm and is an excellent dancer (yes I did boast that I got a better mark, but that led to quite a few sarcastic comments about my lack of rhythm)

I do have to say it was fun to play at times, especially when watching my uncoordinated little boy try to keep up with the onscreen dancer.  Jake really enjoyed playing it and asked if him and Nathanial (8 yrs old too) could play with it.  The two of them played it for over an hour the next day and had tons of fun. So basically, its a great game for 8 yr old boys and for drinking wine and watching your kids play it for your entertainment (us parents really enjoy the simple things)

If you let the faults with the game go, it is worth a few larks.  It would be worth approximately $10-15, but I wouldn't pay more than that for it.

I have started to lend it out to some of my friends and will also post their reviews about it, so you get a broader range of opinions. 

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