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Monday, March 1, 2010

Ontario Library Association Superconference 2010

Once again the OLA Superconference was wonderful and I am so grateful that my library allows me to attend and better yet pays for it.

For the first time, ALL of the sessions and plenary sessions were OUTSTANDING!  Usually there is one session that sounds great, but ends of being a serious snore fest -- but not this year.  They were all fantastic.

I won't go into all the sessions, because lets face it, most of you that read this are family and friends and it will just bore the crap out of you.

The definite highlight of this year was Romeo Daillaire.  I am pretty sure that there wasn't a dry eye in the house after his talk ended and if those that attended were not inspired to go out and make a difference, I would be shocked.   I was pretty sure the event was going to be special because as soon as the man walked to the stage, the whole audience gave him a standing ovation and the applause was thunderous.  He did not disappoint.  I am hoping that there will be a link to his talk on the OLA website, and will post it if that happens.  I had the privilege to meet him after the session and he is a truly beautiful man.  I got a copy of his book "Shake Hands with the devil" signed for Jesse and Jake. Hopefully they will read it someday and be as moved and disturbed as I was.  I also got a copy signed for Carianne since she teaches about Rwanda at her school.

Another highlight for me was meeting Gordon Pinsent. I had met him briefly at a Due South convention (yes I am a geek and went to a convention, I am not ashamed) over 10 years ago.  I was saddened that he looked quite ill and hoping it was just from a kitchen party and not due to poor health.  He was a lot of fun and told me that he had kept staring at me as I had reminded me of someone.  Turned out he thought, as many others have told me before, that I reminded him of Andrea Martin.  So this year I am DEFINITELY dressing up as Edith Prickley.

Just a few other mentions.  My coworkers Jennifer Easter, Caroline Stewart, Aliya Dalfen and Judith Logan all had sessions that I attended. I was inspired, motivated and seriously impressed by all of them. They should be proud of their accomplishments and I will be making sure that Lynne knows what outstanding young staff she has.  And once again my favourite session was the "Dewey Divas".  They always have great recommendations for outstanding books for the year.  Rosalyn Steele from HB Fenn and Janet Murie from Scholastics were lots of fun to talk to and they had some great kids books ideas for my kids.

All in all I had a great time and it was worth the 2.5 hour commute in a snowstorm on Friday to attend! 

Here is some of my haul and lets face it my favourite part of attending

These are all signed by Author/or Illustrator

These are signed by author/or illustrator and donated to Jake's School

Signed copies for various friends and family

Various ARC's and proof copies from various publishers.  Check out the cool Scaredy Squirrel bag!  And yes the bag is for ME and NOT for Jake or Jesse : )

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