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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mom and Me Monday Review: Silver Birch Edition: Inside Hockey

Ok, I do know its not Monday, but I just ran out of time yesterday. We just got back from a weeks vacation in Vermont and I am terribly behind in EVERYTHING.  I will be posting about my trip later this week on my other blog.  Enough babbling here is our review

Inside Hockey
by Keltie Thomas
Illustrations by Keltie Thomas
Publisher: Maple Tree Press Inc
ISBN: 978-1-897349-29-8
64 Pages
Ages: 7-12

Publishers Description: Keltie Thomas introduces young readers to the wild side of professional hockey, past and present, in this entertaining and informative book. Illustrated with photographs and humorous drawings, Inside Hockey! recounts the facts, adventures, and rare anecdotes that continue to make hockey one of North America’s most popular sports. It's all here — the stories about the superstars (male and female), the rules that changed the game, and the dazzling science behind the sport. Thomas profiles such unforgettable characters as the player who would rather fight than score, a goalie who sewed an elastic mesh net between his legs to catch the puck, and the guy who talked to the goalposts like they were old friends. Special categories include Legends on Ice, Strange but True, and Science at Play. This is the perfect trivia contest book, too, with the stories behind the greatest goal scorers, crazy goalies, practical jokers and hijinks, superstitions, the most ferocious fights, players overcoming obstacles, and the enduring obsession with that Cup called Stanley.

Jake's Review: "Mom did you know Wayne Gretzky's nickname is "The Great One", Did you know that Patrick Roy talks to his goal post, Did you know GIRLS play hockey and they are good at it."  "Jake, shut up and just read the book to yourself. We can talk about it after you are done it all" "But Mom, did you know .."
This book is AWESOME, can I play hockey now (Arrgh from Mom).  I loved all the stuff about the OLD hockey players and all of the stuff they did.  That is cool that they never wore helmets or masks.  Hey Mom, Did you know that Jacque Plante (won't mention how he pronounced it) was the first goalie who wore a face mask all the time?"  Actually Jake, yes I did know -- I saw the Heritage Canada Commercial. Mom, can you buy me this book?

Rating: 10/10

Mom's Review: Jake did you know that Tim Horton was actually a hockey player, not just a darn good coffee, and he never made it into this book.  See your Mom does know SOMETHING about Hockey!  I loved this book alone for the fact that Jake, my little boy who knows NOTHING about hockey, actually became interested in the sport and now wants to watch hockey with Daddy. Yeah for me, now I can watch the other TV in peace while the 2 of them watch hockey together!  It was a great book for talking with your kids about how the game has changed over the years and about some of the Canada's greats.  Ok, Jeff talked to him mostly, but I threw in a few words now and than. I am Canadian after all and do know a few things about Hockey  -- now if someone could just explain to me what the difference is between "Off-side" and "2 line pass"  The format of the book is perfect for this age range and the illustrations really enhance the text. I enjoyed reading it also since I have such a trivia nut -- now I have a chance in the Sports category of trivial pursuit.  I recommend this highly for any Canadian child to read. Lots of fun for both boys and girls!
Rating: 10/10


  1. Okay, I have to get this one. My husband loves hockey and my daughter (10) is following in his footprints. Granted neither of them can even ice skate, let alone play, but they love watching it.

  2. You will love it and so will the kids. Jake knew nothing about the game before except that Dad is a Habs fan and mom is a Leafs fan