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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jake's Readings

Jake has to read the Silver Birch books and rate and comment on at least 5 of them, so I thought I would post his comments for fun. Please remember this comes from an 8 yr old Canadian boy from a small town who loves nothing better than a good fart joke (not that there is anything wrong with that)

The Delta is my Home
by Tom McLeod and Mindy Willett
Photographer: Tessa Macintosh
Eleven-year-old Tom MacLeod lives in Aklavik, North West Territories. In Tom’s own words, and with beautiful photographs, we are given details of day-to-day life in the Mackenzie Delta. 

Jakes Opinion:  Poor.  Don't like that the little boy shoots and eat ducks. (Guess as Jake was growing up I shouldn't have gone on and on about how bad guns are.)
Mom's Opinion. Great book to open up a discussion on how kids live in different parts of Canada. 

Shin-Chi's Canoe by Nicola l. Campbell and Kim LaFave
Shin-chi is a young Native boy who is sent off to a residential school in a northern community. Every year he must endure separation from his family and loneliness as he is required to attend the school. This story captures the essence of his loneliness with its simple text and beautiful pictures. 

Jake's Opinion: Good.  Sad story about kids who go to a special school and the teachers are really mean.  Like that the kids steal the good food from the bad teachers who starve them.  I am lucky where I live and go to school
Mom's Opinion: Lovely little story about resilience and hope in the face of challenges.  Again a great story to open up communications on life in different parts of the world with your children.  Beautifully illustrated.

Alien Invaders: Species that threaten our world by Jane Drake, Ann Love and Mark Thurman
 Aliens are everywhere, not just from outer space! Read about different plant and animal species that have moved from their original habitats and cause havoc in their new homes. 

Jake's Opinion:  Totally awesome! Great scary looking pictures. Really cool writing!
Mom's Opinion: Haven't looked at it yet, so will post tomorrow. I do have to say so far it was the only book I didn't have to encourage him to read, he really wanted to and has already read it twice.  That really is enough for me.  He did show me a couple of the pictures and they were "awesome" and I can see why it would appeal to Jake. 

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