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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hump Day Hottie

One of the blogs I follow does a Hump Day Hottie post and well since I like me the boys, thought I would totally steal and modify the idea.  For the next few Wednesdays I will post a pic of my favorite celebrity hottie.  They may not be to your taste, but would love your opinions on them.

So for the 1st official Rayment Hump Day Hottie -- I give you Canada's own Nathan Fillion (Hot, Intelligent, Charitable, Sweet and a man who knows how to make fun of himself)

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  1. Yup - Hot! He's got such a gentle face... I can just picture the corner of that mouth lifting up in a smile.

  2. Excellent women with taste -- and I knew I would get you to love him Natasha : ) Now lets try Young Frankenstein again ; )

  3. I love Nathan Fillion, Firefly was such a fabulous show, it had sexy actors, smart dialogue and a really interesting concept...still haven't forgiven Fox for cancelling this show!