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Dear Authors: The reviews in this blog are only personal opinions. I have absolutely no background in literature, writing or reviewing. I am a Librarian (actually a Library Technician for those who care OR know the difference) with a love for a good story. The opinions in the reviews are ONLY my OPINIONS. I am not commenting on the writers ability since well -- I am not a writer and never will be. If you are the author of any of the books reviewed here, my opinion is just that and not a judgment against you!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Transfering from Xanga to Blogger

So I decided I was sick of having both a Xanga and a Blogger account.  Xanga is not my favourite, especially now that I tried to export it into Blogger.  Now, I know I am not the most technically savvy person, but I just couldn't figure an easy way to do it.   Xanga BAD, Blogger GOOD. So, I have cut and pasted some of my favorite posts from Xanga into here. Over the next little while, I will clean it up, but I just wanted you to know why there are so many weird looking posts in February.  Now I have a blog for Spina Bifida information ( ) and this blog for my various Ramblings, Rants and Readings.

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