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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Review: Happy Hour at Casa Dracula by Marta Acosta

A couple of lovely people mentioned that I should not try so hard with my reviews and just write in my usual conversational style instead.  In other words stop trying to be an official reviewer and just tell people what you did or didn't like -- you are soooo not an English major.  For the books I have to review, I will be a little more formal, but for my everyday reading I will keep it short.  Here is my first shot, tell me what you think.  It only took me 10 minutes to write instead of my usual 45 minutes of thinking how to say something properly ; )

Happy Hour at Casa Dracula
Marta Acosta
ISBN: 978-1-4165-3160-9
Pocket Star Books
360 Pages
Paranormal Chick Lit


Latina Ivy League grad Milagro de Los Santos can't find her place in the world or a man to go with it. Then one night, at a book party for her pretentious ex-boyfriend, she meets an oddly attractive man. After she is bitten while kissing him, she falls ill and is squirreled away to his family's estate to recover. Vampires don't exist in this day and age -- or do they? As Milagro falls for a fabulously inappropriate man, she finds herself caught between a family who has accepted her as one of their own and a shady organization that refuses to let the undead live and love in peace.


Wonderfully charming and decidedly original take on the Vampire genre. I don't want to spoil anything so I won't go into details, but I really thought the explanation for vapirism and how they live was very unique.

Outrageously Snappy, witty dialogue. Here are just some of my favorites:

"The road to hell is paved with fabulous men"

"When she bothered to look at me, an expression of dismay almost came over her immaculately made-up face. "Almost", because medical procedures rendered her incapable of normal facial expressions"

"boyfriends who were like beach reads, momentary fun but nothing you'd ever buy in hardcover'

"I'm not just a girl with a great rack, I am Milagro De Los Santos, the miracle of the saints"

The main character Milagro is both cheeky and lovable and I dare you not to like her. She's the type of girl who you would want to hang out with just to hear what she has to say next. And Edna is just so delightfully written, that I am very disappointed that she isn't real. The scenes between Edna and Milagro are worth the price of the book! (OK, well I got my copy from the library, but you know what I mean)

Some of the secondary characters could use a little more development, but that is just because you just get a taste and you want more of them. Hopefully further books in the series will go into more detail.

A nice fast paced storyline that just kept getting better and better. It was so much fun that I almost missed getting off my bus because I was so into the story. I look forward to reading more my Marta!

Btw, check out her blog   ----   its Hilarious and you can win books too! 

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